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5 Best Long Range FPV Plane: Conquer the Sky!

Who doesn’t love remote-controlled airplanes? The entire RC community has been in for a surprise ever since these things became mainstream. We went through twenty different FPV planes to find the best long range FPV plane. Here’s a list of our top choices that you need to look into.

Our Top 5 Picks

  • Best Overall – VOLANTEXRC FPV RC Airplane
  • Best Battery Life – Parrot Disco FPV Drone
  • Best Build – SonicModel Binary Twin-Motor Plane

Best Long Range FPV Plane on the Market: The Top 5








Thermoplastic rubber

SonicModel Binary Twin-Motor Plane


High-quality EPO

Eyes On Sky 372 Volantex Ranger Airplane



Parrot Disco FPV Drone



VOLANTEXRC RC Glider Airplane ASW28



More About Our Top Picks

Now that you know a bit more about the best long range FPV planes its time to get into the details!


The best performing long range FPV plane in the most affordable budget.

We have the FPV RC Airplane plane from VOLANTEXRC on top of the list. We had a few reasons to rate this as high as we did. And we’ll get to those one by one.

First and foremost, we appreciate the fact that they give you options. You get four different options to choose from. Although they mainly differentiate with the colors and materials. We got the plastic version of the plane with the blue accents.

But there’s also a heavier metal version. It’s definitely going to be more durable than this one. But it might certainly cost you twice as much. 

So, from the point of view of an average consumer, we decided to review this one.

Let’s talk about practicality. It’s quite simple to put together. We were able to finish the job in around 20 minutes.

The wingspan of the VOLANTEXRC FPV RC Airplane is 1600mm. It isn’t the largest, but it’s enough to keep it floating on top.

You might be confused about plugging the wings onto the fuselage. It’s actually pretty simple. But I guess they could have made the instructions a bit easier.

Just clip them onto the fuselage, and it should sit in place. Give it a little wobble to see if it comes off easily. If it doesn’t, you should be good to go.

Now, moving on to more important things, let’s talk about the flight time. I used the VOLANTEXRC FPV with a 6,600 mah , 4 cell battery. Using this battery I got a flight time of 30mins approx. Which is not bad.

They boast a lot about the durability of this, though. And I think the unit we got was durable. But it’s still a shell made out of thermoplastic rubber. While this is doable, it’s not the strongest material out there. 

Another thing we liked about it was the camera mounting position. We tried it with our FPV camera, and it fits in the flatbed perfectly. However, make sure to power your FPV camera properly beforehand.

You might need to wiggle it a bit if the plastics are imperfect. But it’s all good once it’s there. 

Now, moving on to the stuffs we don’t love as much. One of the most annoying things about this is what comes in the box. You get a whole load of nothing other than the plane itself. You have to buy the battery and remote control separately.

Imagine getting an RC device and having to pay extra for the remote control. Bummer, right?


  • Simple to assemble
  • Has a flight time of 30mins
  • Available in multiple options
  • It comes with different mounting platforms
  • Decent durability
  • Affordable FPV plane


  • Everything sold separately 
  • The camera mount might wobble a bit

SonicModell Binary Twin-Motor Plane

The smoothest running plane on this list with an exceptional built.

Coming in at second place, we have the Binary Twin-Motor Plane from SonicModell. It’s a bit different from the previous one that we just reviewed. It’s also bigger and heavier.

Although we weren’t able to discern whether the materials were close to plastic, it seemed like plastic for the most part. But the thing is, this is heavier than the average FPV RC plane.

I think that the best part about this is the twin motor. Moreover, the 1200mm wingspan and the overall appearance might actually cater to some people. 

It’s also not built too heavily as it can stay on air for give or take 35mins. It has a flying speed of about 30-110km/h.

One of the best things about this FPV plane is that it is actually simple to assemble. You don’t need to go through a lot of details for this one. Although it’s not as affordable as the other one we just discussed, this is still relatively budget-friendly.

In terms of performance, we liked the battery life. It wasn’t anything mind-blowing, but the overall performance got us hooked. The traditional design might actually attract you to get this one.

Overall, this is a decent choice if you’re planning to get into the RC FPV plane community. It’s a good starter plane, nevertheless. 


  • Flies smoothly with a speed of 30-110km/h
  • Decent battery life
  • Above-average build quality
  • Good stability in the air
  • Easy to put together


  • A bit on the heavier side
  • Not too affordable

Eyes On Sky 372 Volantex Ranger Airplane

One of the most durable long range FPV plane but a bit on the more expensive side.

Now, this looks like a proper FPV plane that exudes quality. Well, we think that the good things stop at the looks for this one. You might not be able to get the best results out of this one if you’re going racing. 

First off, this thing is super expensive. I mean, it’s not the most expensive plane on the list. But you can still buy six of the SonicModell ones in second place for the cost of one of these.

That’s how expensive this is. And we’re definitely not going to cut it any slack due to the price point.

I understand how real enthusiasts might be willing to pay the same amount of money if you have it lying around. But the thing is, you might not want to see this as a starter FPV plane.

Well, this plane is huge. It boasts a wingspan of 1980mm which is one of the widest wingspan. So you might not want this if portability is your top concern. But you can still easily throw this on the back of your truck, and things would be fine. 

One thing is for sure, it’s built like a tank. We didn’t see any imperfections around the entire body of the plane. I guess that’s what you get when you’re paying so much. 

We also appreciate the subtle attention to details all around the body of the plane. 

Let’s talk about the practical things now. So, do you think this one lasts longer? Well, we had the chance to spend one month with this plane. And it seemed to be pretty good all around.

Yes, the price is a major concern. And it lost out to the others on the upper side of the list due to the price. It’s expensive, and not all RC plane enthusiasts will be able to pay for it.

But it actually works as it should, and we didn’t get any stumbling up in the air. The FPV functions are also pretty great. But everything takes me back to the price. And it’s miraculously expensive.

So if you’re planning to buy a plane for beginners, this isn’t it, chief. You can get a ton of less expensive models out there. But if you have the money to spare, I think you can keep this as a trophy. 


  • Smooth flying for an extended period
  • Great build quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Above-average battery life
  • Strong camera mounting option


  • Too expensive
  • It might seem a bit heavy

Parrot Disco FPV Drone

An extraordinary long range FPV plane with improved stability and battery life.

On 4th place we have this futuristic-looking airplane from Parrot. The Disco brings a lot of things to the table. But it’s the most expensive plane we have here. So we’ll be sure to criticize it by nitpicking if you didn’t already know.

Well, I think this should have a separate customer base. It’s more of a drone than an FPV airplane. But we thought this one deserved a shout as the others that we checked out weren’t up to standard.

Did we say that this is expensive? Well, it is. And sometimes, the price is super hard to justify. But hear me out. 

If you’re aiming for something a bit out of the ordinary, I think this is a wise choice. It’s got features that the others don’t. But there’s also the fact that you might not need those features if you want to race with your FPV plane.

The whole thing comes in one piece. So, you don’t have to fiddle with it to get it together. I think a preassembly is a must considering the fact that you’re paying so much.

It’s also not the heaviest 3d plane on the list. However their are better 3d RC planes out there. And I think that the moderate weight helps the drone float in the air a bit better. 

The most interesting fact about this is the top speed. This thing is fast. Although they claim 50mph, which is crazy, we got around 45 mph. I think that the weather conditions had a part to play in this regard. But that’s still impressive.

This FPV plane also boasts a wingspan of 1980mm. This is huge considering all the planes on this list.

Something that bugs me is the lack of remote control. I mean, you’re paying so much for it only to realize that they don’t bother to include a remote control in the box. That’s just stupid if you ask me.

They managed to cram a moderately sized 2700 mAh lithium polymer battery into the drone. It’s not the best in the world, but it gets you some good footage.

I mean, even if they claim 45 minutes of fly time, you might get less. During our testing, we were able to get around 35-40 minutes on a full battery. So it’s still a considerable time even though it doesn’t match with the specifications.

While flying, the drone stays stable. That’s what you need, right? The footage that comes out of this is actually impressive. There isn’t a lot of wobble in the video, and you might impress a couple of people with the footage.


  • Good battery life of 35-40 minutes
  • Improved stability with 45 mph speed
  • Outputs stable footage
  • Easy to control
  • No assembly required


  • Doesn’t come with the controller
  • Too expensive

VOLANTEXRC RC Glider Airplane ASW28

The long range FPV plane with the widest wingspan of our list.

Finally we have come down to the last plane of this list. Our 5th pick happens to be the myth the legend the VOLANTEXRC RC Glider Airplane ASW28.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room and talk about it’s wingspan. Literally. This plane has a wingspan of whopping 2600mm. It has the largest wingspan on this list.

Having a large wingspan can be both a good and a bad thing. Starting with the good, larger wingspan means that it can create good amount of lift with comparatively less thrust.

However, if portability is your issue then say goodbye to this airplane. It is a mammoth sized airplane that requires a truck to carry. This is why it’s on the bottom of our list.

But just because it’s on the bottom of our list doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily bad. It has some good qualities like easy assembly and innovative plastic fuselage. It also has a flight time of 30mins, which is pretty average.


  • Can fly super high without much thrust because of its 2600mm wingspan
  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong built
  • Crack resistant


  • A bit on the heavier side
  • Hard to transport

Buying Guide

Now that you know which are the good ones, you’re supposed to go ahead and buy one, right? Not quite. It’s time for you to evaluate a few factors.

I’m almost certain that the truckload of information has clogged your thoughts. So how about we help you sort things out by outlining the factors you should take into account before choosing to purchase one of these long range FPV plane?

Let’s dive right in!

How Wide is the Wingspan?

You need to figure out how wide the wingspan is. This is often the first factor to consider before buying an FPV plane. So, why does your RC plane need to have wider wingspan?

The RC planes require wider wingspans to stay floating up there for a longer time. On top of that, wider wingspan result in being able to fly higher altitudes with comparatively less thrust.

However, don’t just go for the widest wingspan that you see. You have to get wings that are proportionate to the body of your plane.

Otherwise, the whole thing would look and function like a mess.

The Battery

As important as the plane is, the battery is more crucial. It’s because battery gives the plane the power to fly.

However, options for batteries are generally restricted to rechargeable Lithium Polymer batteries, or LiPo’s. It’s because weight is an issue and our preferred drones need an outrageous amount of power be provided in brief bursts.

So, make sure to always get the most appropriate mah and volt battery for your RC FPV plane.

The Flight Controller

The main connecting component of a drone is the flight controller, or “FC” for short. As it can communicate with every other component on the drone, you may think of it as the drone’s “brain.”

The flight controller interprets the pilot’s directions into distinct orders for each motor after processing them. In order to maintain its orientation and account for turbulence, wind, drifting, and other external influences, it also incorporates a sensor called a gyroscope.

Video signals can also be processed by some FCs. This enables them to display visual data, like as battery level, signal strength, and more, over the live video that is being transmitted to the pilot.

There are a lot of FCs on the market. Each of these FCs hosts different types of features. So, make sure to get the most appropriate flight controller that fulfils all of your needs.

The Camera Mount

Here’s one point to consider that’s super important. There’s no point in buying an FPV plane if the mount for the FPV camera sucks. If you see a plane with a wobbly mount, you might have to start praying for the camera.

Or better yet, just ignore that version altogether. I know the FPV RC plane cameras are light. But there are some cheaper alternatives in terms of planes that might even suffer from those cameras.

So check out the mounting capacity before buying too.

How Long Will It Fly?

Battery life is crazy important. You wouldn’t get a total experience if you can’t even get twenty minutes’ worth of flying hours, right? 

FPV planes usually can’t give astounding battery lives. That’s because the camera itself drains a bit of power from the battery.

So try to pick the planes with bigger battery capacities. You might not get giant batteries without compromising weight. But it’s all fine and dandy till it falls on your head after it loses power.


What is the Best Way to Transport Long Range RC Planes?

To transport long range RC planes try getting a plane holder. These are easily available across all RC stores. Planes holders even create more space inside your vehicle to transport more RC planes if you need to.

Should I Buy an FPV Plane Without a Camera Mount?

That would completely disregard the “FPV” part. I mean, if you just want to fly a normal RC plane, you’re searching for an entirely different segment, right? But if you still want to fly one of these, sure, go right ahead.

How Long Should an FPV Plane be Able to Fly?

An FPV plane should be able to fly for around 20 minutes. Getting twenty minutes out of one full charge is decent. You can’t expect them to work like RC cars. They consume a lot more power to stay up in the air.


That’s it from us. This list includes all the notable PV airplanes on the market right now. We tried to include the planes with the best features. You might find that one or two of the planes are quite different from the others.

But they practically serve the same purpose, so there’s that. You can go ahead and pick any, and you shouldn’t be disappointed. We hope this list helped you find the best long range FPV plane for you.

Be sure to stay safe and control these in open spaces. You wouldn’t want your neighbors to file a complaint now, do you?

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