Best Grease For RC Cars

5 Best Grease for RC Cars: Tried and Tested!

Grease is very important for RC car parts to last for a long time. It does that by reducing friction between different RC car parts. But you can’t just use any type of grease for your RC car. There are plastic to plastic, plastic to metal, plastic to rubber and rubber to metal friction in RC cars. All of these types requires different types of grease. I’ve used some of the greases over time and here goes my opinion.

Top Picks

What Kind of Grease for RC Cars?






Permatex 80345 Lithium Grease

1.5 Oz


Traxxas 1647 Silicone Grease

0.32 Oz


Liberty Oil for Lubricating R/C  Cars

1 Oz

Synthetic Oil

Maxima 80916 Grease

16 Oz


More About Our Picks

Here, I’ve picked out my top preferred greases for RC car based on different categories of usage. Let’s get into that part!

Permatex 80345 Lithium Grease

The best grease for RC car differential gear as it provides best metal to metal lubrication.

Permatex 80345 Lithium Grease is the best grease for an RC car, I believe. Now, I don’t claim it out of the blue. It was backed up by my own testing and experience. 

Whenever your RC car parts get dry, you can use this grease to provide a smoothed application. Here, it can be used as an all-purpose tool. 

This white lubricant works at creating effective metal-to-metal applications. The RC car differential gear is made of aluminum alloy which is a metal and this Permatex Lithium Grease is perfect for that.

Speaking of that, applying lithium grease is quite easy. Just squeeze in the tube and point to the applicator/tip. That’s it, you’ll pour the grease over the desired surface. 

After you pour the grease over the desired surface, it’ll start working. Here, it’ll make sure that reduces the friction between the bearings and within different applications. 

Also, it’ll even ensure that the friction is reduced between metal-to-plastic as well. Besides, this grease ensures that your RC parts are protected against any rust attacks. However, this metal to plastic or plastic to plastic lubrication is a bit better in our next product on this list.

And, the great thing about this product is that it’ll make the surface friction-free as well. Oftentimes, the grease doesn’t last for a long time. So, you’ll have to use them again and again. But, that won’t happen here. 

This product follows a long-lasting formula. Due to this formula, the grease stays on the desired surface for a while. 

On the other hand, this grease withstands moisture even at the highest temperature. So, that’s quite the win, honestly! And, yes, it’s not toxic at all. It’s made with a natural formula that doesn’t smell much. It’s safe around children and pets. But, still, take good care of this product. 

When it comes to application suitable surfaces, this grease can be used on door hinges, garage doors, seat tracks, and even on truck doors. 


  • Can withstand high moisture that will prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Does not dilute in higher temperatures makes it usable in any temperature.
  • Provides best metal to metal lubrication
  • Follows a natural formula that provide long lasting lubrication.


  • Comes at a smaller size offering.
  • A bit costly than some of the greases on this list.
  • There are better grease in terms of plastic to plastic or plastic to rubber lubrication.

Traxxas 1647 Silicone Grease

The silicone formula makes this grease the best grease for gears in RC car.

The Traxxas 1647 Silicone grease is the best grease for RC car gears. I’ll give my reasoning why in the next part.

It’s the first silicone grease on our list. Yes, it’s unique from the rest. Here, the silicone grease works well at lubricating metal to plastic or plastic to plastic surfaces better. The pinion gear is made of metal material and the spur gear is made of plastic (commonly nylon). As silicone grease does not make the plastic parts brittle it’s the perfect choice for RC car gears.

The silicone grease does not conduct electricity. That makes it a great option to be used as an insulator if you’re looking to electrically insulate your RC car.

Now, there isn’t much electrical insulation around RC cars. But, hey, this product can be used industrially. We could term this as the “best versatile” one on our list. 

Other than that, this grease has better thermal stability even at the lowest temperatures. So, it’ll lubricate your RC parts well enough and take out the dryness outta them. 

On top of this, the grease works at replacing the damaged parts of the RC car too. It doesn’t matter if the parts are worn or damaged, this grease is a one-stop solution. 

It’s even easier to apply this grease at whatever place you want to. Here, it comes in a tube. And, you’ll just have to squeeze in order to get more grease out of it. 

On the other hand, the tube at the top will help you take the directions on where you want that grease to go. Just apply over the surface and the grease will work immediately. 

That said, it’s water-resistant as it coats the surface with hydrophobic coating and prevents any contacts with the surface and water. Also, this makes it harder to clean as using water over it won’t clean it. That’s why you’ll need to use a rag to clean it. But, it’s not the end of the world. And, it would definitely cost you a fortune. 


  • Has an easier application as it comes in a tube.
  • Silicone based formula makes it suitable for RC car gears.
  • Can be used as an electrical insulator.
  • Quite easy to clean with non-water-based solvent. 
  • Water-resistant as it provides a surface coating


  • A very small package so can be a bit expensive
  • Cleaning can be a bit problematic as its hydrophobic

Liberty Oil for Lubricating R/C  Cars

The best grease or oil for lubricating RC car bearings because of the lower viscosity.

You might wonder why there is Liberty synthetic oil in the list of greases for RC cars. Well, it’s here because it provides better lubrication than some other greases.

The ball bearing of RC car needs lubrication as well like the actual cars. However, the viscosity of the greases are quite high which does not provide the flowy characteristics. The ball bearing needs to be in constant movement and must be slippery. As the liberty oil provides lower viscosity and provides smooth friction in ball bearings it is the option to have if you are looking for the best grease for rc car bearings.

The Liberty Oil comes with oxidation and rust inhibitors. This means it’ll prevent rust from taking place by applying a soft coating on the surface of the metal. That’s quite important since you don’t want your RC car parts to just get damaged easily. 

Rust is never a pleasant thing to experience. But, you won’t have to anymore because this grease will prevent it. Other than that, it has another great feature and that’s mechanical stability. 

It’s quite good at reducing friction as well. That’s why you can use it on RC cars as well as industrial and automotive applications. These many options definitely make us term this product as a “versatile” option. Also, this oil is 100% synthetic that makes it a non toxic and harmless oil for you and your RC.

However, it has a knack for getting bad. If kept for more than 1 year this grease might get bad and brown liquid might come out of the bottle. Which obviously is not expected.


  • Engineered accordingly to perform versatile option
  • The 1.5 inch stainless steel Pharmaceutical grade applicator makes the application process really easy.
  • 100% synthetic so no worries about being toxic.
  • Easily reduces friction of metal to metal or metal to plastic surfaces.


  • Shelf Life is not good enough

Maxima 80916 Grease

Best grease on this list that offers the best value for money with superior water resistance.

Time to make a move on to the fourth grease of this article. Yes, we’re talking about the Maxima 80916 Grease. This one is different from the others, alright. 

Here, you’ll get a smoothened, dark bluish grease that works great with your RC car’s parts. And, it’s made of lithium blend, if you were searching for it. Due to the lithium material, the grease comes with a smooth consistency

Added to this, the grease composed of high-density polymers that’ll provide the optimum service even under the most critical temperatures too. 

The manufacturers claim that this grease can work from -20F to even 560F. So, the grease will not easily thin out when you’re using it for normal day-day tasks. It’s completely multi-functional. Hence, you can use it on other applications too. 

Other than that, it has stronger resistance to water. So, the grease will survive most of the washouts. Here, it’ll stick to the surface and cling to the metal. 

It reduces friction. Yes, similar to all the other products, this one does a great job of reducing the overall friction. 

Moreover, the grease comes with pressure additives that’ll allow it to carry heavier loads and provide further protection even under the heaviest of loads. 

Similar to the previous product, this grease comes with corrosion and rust inhibitors as well. So, you’ll get similar benefits in this one as well. 

As it’s a high-temperature grease, it’ll work great on the bearings next to the disc brakes. Along with that, it does a great job with trailer axles and boats. Since it prevents rust from taking place, you can even use it around salt water. 

Another great thing is that it comes with 16 oz as well. So, the size is there for you! And, it has decent mechanical stability which means you can use it in industrial applications. 


  • Easy cleanup.
  • Works well around salt water so can be used in RC boats as well.
  • Prevents rust even after contact with saltwater.
  • Can function in a wide range of temperatures.
  • Does not become thin at higher temperatures.
  • It’s water-resistant.


  • Gets messy easily as application system is a bit complex.

Buying Guide

After reviewing 5 greases for you in this article, a thought came to mind. Yes, we’re talking about the way you can select these products. Sure you can look at the pros/cons and decide. 

But, if you don’t have the proper knowledge, things could get out of hand. We’re serious, the buying factors are essential for knowing what matters and what doesn’t.

Most importantly, it would give an idea and some proper knowledge. The same is suggested in the case of getting a good-quality GPS if you want to speed run with your RC. 

So, let’s begin- 

Silicone Vs Lithium

You’ve seen two types of material for the grease in our list. Out of them, there’s silicone grease and lithium grease. Now, most of our products came with lithium grease. 

But, there was a silicone grease option too. So, is lithium grease better than silicone grease?

Lithium grease is better than silicone grease in terms of metal-to-metal friction reduction. However, in terms of versatility silicone grease gets the upper hand as it can be applied on many different surfaces.

When we take a look at lithium grease, we see a petroleum-based formula. So, this grease doesn’t work well enough around rubber and plastics. So, if you asked what kind of grease for RC cars should you choose?

I’d say, when it comes to RC car parts, lithium grease is the best fit. Because most of the RC car parts are made of metal parts where friction occurs.

Rubber and plastic become brittle if you use lithium grease on them as it dries out. But if you use silicone-based grease on rubber and plastic it will not dry out and make the rubber brittle and break. This is what silicone grease is good for.

So, the application surface is the main difference between lithium and silicone grease. This difference mainly occurs due to the formula of these two greases.

Speaking of holding well, lithium grease doesn’t break down in the higher temperatures. This does increase the versatility. On the other hand, silicone grease becomes a bit thin at higher temperatures. 

All of these discussions might raise doubt if you can actually use silicone grease for RC cars.

Obviously, you can use silicone grease for RC cars. But, you’ll have less compatibility with silicone grease compared to lithium grease. That’s why you’ll notice why there is a lot of lithium grease on the list. 


As lithium is highly ionized it’s normal to ask if lithium grease is toxic or not.

Lithium grease is toxic if it comes directly in touch with your skin. It might cause irritation and dryness to your skin. So always wear gloves while applying it. Also, make sure you don’t inhale or digest the lithium grease.

So, what about silicone grease? Is silicone grease harmful?

No, silicone grease is not as harmful as lithium grease. It does not have any indigestion hazard and that’s why it’s mostly used in plumbing and faucet seals.

Application Process

Now, the application process of the grease is quite straightforward, really. To grease an RC car first you need to unscrew a bunch of screws from the chassis. (I’ve added a video for your ease at the end).

Next, all you need to do is squeeze them tightly from their tube. Then, just point the tube over the desired location.

Doing this will pull the grease over the location and their formula will start doing the magic immediately. But make sure you don’t over-apply it.

Another thing we’d like to say here is that there are products that come with an applicator. 

Having an applicator does help. But, it’s not always the case. Also, applicators can get stuck if there’s too much grease over them. 

Cleanup After Application

Yes, you need to focus on the cleanup right after you’re done applying the product in your RC car part. Well, grease does get a bit messy. But, you don’t need to worry that much! 

Because the cleanup process isn’t that fancy, to begin with. Here, just take a rag or clean clothes. Then start taking the residue off by just wiping it. That’ll mostly be enough to clean most of the residue grease. 


As hobbyists, it’s important to know if the grease that I’m using is waterproof or not. Because I will run my RC truck on different terrains through mud and puddles.

So, is lithium grease waterproof?

Lithium grease is water resistant but it does not boast the waterproof feature in any of the greases. On the other hand, the silicone grease is completely waterproof.

Prevention from Rust 

Most of the grease prevents rust that is on this list. I’ve hand-picked them and tested their rust prevention effectiveness.

But how does grease prevent corrosion?

Grease acts as a barrier on the surface of the metal. It prevents the moisture and oxygen create rust on the metal surface thus making them corrosion free. Both lithium grease and silicone grease prevent corrosion from happening.

This rust prevention will allow you to use your RC cars around salt water. Normally, if the grease isn’t corrosion or rust-resistant, using your RC car around the saltwater can cause problems to differential of your RC car

But, that won’t be the issue since your grease will prevent it. 

Shelf Life

Storing lubrication grease is a common practice. And nobody wants their lube to go bad as they store it in the storage room. But does lubricating grease go bad?

Yes, lubricating grease can go bad if it’s stored for a long period of time under bad storage conditions. Manufacturers usually mention an expiry date on the packaging or mention the shelf life of the product.

That’s all about the shelf life of lubricating grease. But how long does silicone grease last?

Silicone grease lasts about 12 months if stored properly. It retains all of its properties like new grease up to the one-year threshold. The same can be said about lithium grease as well, it also boasts a shelf life of 12 months.


What type of grease is better for RC cars? 

Normally, Lithium-based waterproof grease is the best option when we look at the best type of grease for RC cars. But, you could still use silicone-based grease as well. They still do a great job of lubricating the surface well enough. 

Will I need additional equipment to use grease on my car?

No, you won’t require any additional equipment to use grease on the RC car. Here, just squeezing the bottle will bring the product out. From then, you can just point it to the desired surface and that’ll be it.

How messy does the grease get? 

Well, grease gets a lot messy. That’s why they are called grease in the first place. That’s why you’ll need to keep everything clean enough. And, don’t worry, grease is easier to clean. Just take a rag and clean the residue off. 

Parting Words

We’ve spoken a lot in this guide. It’s time to, however. Hopefully, everything said in this article made sense to you. If you’ve selected your favorite product then go ahead and purchase the best grease for rc cars

Check out our info segment- the buying guide. We’ve talked a lot about the buying factors that you need to know. More or less, that’ll solve most of your common queries. The FAQ section will solve that too. 

That’s it, goodbye!

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