Best Shocks for Traxxas Slash 4x4”

Best Shocks for Traxxas Slash 4×4”: Which One Takes the Crown?

The best way to tackle the unwanted spring motions in your car is to use the shock absorbers. While this is true for all the cars out there it’s also a given fact for the Traxxas Slash 4×4 as well. To help you out with selecting the best shock for traxxas slash 4×4 I have done 2 weeks of research to pull out the top 5 shock for these Traxxas slashes.

Our Top Picks

Best Shock Absorbers for Traxxas Slash 4×4″: The Leading 5!






Hobbypark 4PCS Front & Rear Shock Absorber


100 mm & 150 mm (Front and Rear)

Traxxas 5862 Shock Set


90 mm & 100 mm (Front and Rear)

INJORA Spring Shock Absorber


90 mm

Globact 4PCS Front & Rear RC Shocks

Aluminum Alloy

100 mm & 115 mm (Front and Rear)

HobbyPark 4PCS Shocks

Aluminum Alloy

100 mm

More About Our Top Picks

The above table was just a precursor of what’s about to come. Let’s get down to the main story, shall we?

Hobbypark 4PCS Aluminum Front & Rear Shock Absorber

The shock absorber with the best damping effect and sturdy built.

The number one shock absorber for Traxxas Slash in my list is the Hobbypark 4PCS Aluminum Front & Rear Shock Absorber. This one fought against so many shock absorbers and took on the winner’s title.

Here are the evidence why it’s the winner-

Firstly the size of the shock absorbers are perfect for Traxxas slash. The length of these are 100 mm & 150 mm for front and rear respectively. These are the longest shock absorbers on this list.

Longer shock absorbers enables the RC to feel less resistance. As a result, more shocks are absorbed.

Besides this, it also has a stiff shaft. Thus it can withstand high pressure from the journey on a bumpy road.

Additionally, it’s quite durable. Thus, it’ll last a long time. Hence it has a high value for money.

Moreover, it also has an aluminum body. Thus it can survive any big jump you make by the Traxxas Slash. And, you won’t even have to hold back. And the front and read shock absorbers have alloy in them. Making it 2 times stronger.

Lastly, it isn’t only compatible with the Traxxas Slash 4×4, it also fits Stampede 4×4 and it’s upgrades, Rustler 4X4 VXL, Rally 4X4, and many more RC cars. Hence, it offers versatility.

The only problem that I’ve encountered with it is that it needs some sort of lubrication before use. Otherwise it tends to not function as well.


  • It’s sturdy
  • Due to its long size it absorbs more shock
  • It can survive big jumps
  • The damping effect is quite good
  • It’s a perfect fit for the Traxxas slash 4×4


  • You’ll have to lubricate it with oil before use

Traxxas 5862 Shock Set

The most effective preassembled shock absorbers which enable you to ride rough terrains smoothly.

The runner-up of our list is the Traxxas 5862 Big Bore Shock Set. It did come very close to being the winner. However, it had to settle in second place. But hey, there are some features worth checking out-

Firstly, they have progressive rate springs. This increases the suspension performance. In easier words, you’ll even be able to ride the mountainous road smoothly. Plus, they’ll effortlessly absorb the vibrations from imperfect roads.

More importantly, it has an aluminum body that can withstand the big jumps made by Traxxas cars. So, if you’re planning on making the Traxxas slash 4×4 do crazy tricks then know that this shock absorber has your back.

On top of this, it’s pre-assembled. Hence, you don’t have to put in extra effort to get everything in its place. All you have to do is attach it to your Traxxas Slash 4×4.

Besides this, its shaft is coated with titanium. Thus you can count on it to last a long time. At the same time, it also provides a great damping effect and frictionless operation.

The length of these absorbers are 90 mm & 100 mm for front and rear respectively. Which is quite decent.

One thing that irked my gears was that as it is preassembled sometimes you need to adjust the internal damper according to your needs.


  • Has a high suspension performance
  • Can withstand big jumps
  • You don’t need to assemble it
  • Has a great damping effect
  • Comes preassembled


  • Need to adjust the internal damper sometimes

INJORA Built-in Spring Shock Absorber

The perfect sized shock absorber for Traxxas slash 4×4 at the most affordable price point.

The third product on our list is the INJORA Built-in Spring Shock Absorber. This shock absorber is loved by many as this is a great shock for rc crawler too. But is it the right one for you? Well, let’s find out-

Let’s clear out the air at first, this shock absorber is made for 1/10 RC cars. Hence, it’ll be a perfect fit for your Traxxas slash 4×4 since it’s also a 1/10 scaled RC car.

Moreover, it has a smooth damping effect. Thus it can absorb the bumps and vibrations faced by the shock absorbers when the RC cars are rigid down the road.

Lastly, it’s also made of an aluminum body. Hence, it’ll be hard enough and won’t bend when faced with a high level of stress.

However, the spring isn’t pre-assembled. Thus you have to do the extra work of assembling them. Which you didn’t have to bother with the previous two products. So that’s a bummer.

One more thing that you should keep in mind is that the the length of these shock absorbers are 90 mm. So, these are smaller compared to other shock absorbers on the list. This dials down the resistance a fair bit.

Nevertheless, one of its features is the easy load shock assembly. That means it’s fairly easy to get everything in its place. Even the springs so you won’t have much problem putting all the pieces in their place. Think of it as a game.

In short, the black, 6.46 x 4.49 x 1.02 inches, sharp-looking shock absorber ain’t a bad choice. They get the job done. So, if you don’t mind a bit of assembling then this might be the one for you.


  • It’s cut to the exact size
  • Can withstand high stress
  • It’s easy to assemble
  • It’s budget-friendly


  • You need to assemble the springs
  • There isn’t a large passage for resistance to pass through so it decreases the ability to run smoothly

Globact 4PCS Aluminum Front & Rear RC Shocks

The shock absorber that comes pre-lubricated and has a variety of colors to choose from.

The next product that we have for you is the Globact 4PCS Aluminum Front & Rear RC Shocks. Heads up! It is an interesting one. So, are you ready to see its unique features?

For starters, this shock absorber has lubricated oil in them. So, you won’t have to lubricate them before the first use. However, some people do feel like it’s not up to the mark. In this case, you can always pour in some extras.

The length of these are 100 mm & 115 mm for front and rear respectively. This is a great length for shock absorbers as it can absorb more resistance.

Apart from this, it also has 3 color options. One is blue the other ones are red and dark cream. So, you have options to choose from in case you want to match it with your Traxxas slash.

Other than that, its body is also made of aluminum. And as you know it won’t bend easily. It’s a perfect fit for the Traxxas Slash 4×4. And the springs are pre-assembled.

Moving on to things that I did not like about this shock absorber, I have to talk about the so-called “pre-lubricated” shock absorber. The oil that’s present in these are barely enough to lubricate it properly. Moreover, it doesn’t have a sealer to trap the shock oil.


  • It won’t bend easily
  • You have color options
  • It’ll last a long time


  • Doesn’t have a concrete sealer to trap the shock oil

HobbyPark 4 PCS Aluminum Shocks

The ideal-sized shock absorber for Traxxas slash 4×4 with an exceptional capability of withstanding high stress.

Lastly, we have the HobbyPark 4PCS Aluminum Shocks. We know it is the last product in our eye. But there are some features that might spike your interest. Let’s go over them-

Starting with the length, the length of these shock absorbers are 100 mm. This is an average length to have. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

Next, the blue shock absorber is a perfect match for the Traxxas Slash 4×4. That’s not all. It works on all 1/10 scale RC car models.

Besides this, they come in a lot of sizes. To be exact their hole center to hole center includes 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 120mm. So, you can get the size you require. 

However, they are not pre-oiled. Thus you have to apply the shock oils on them to lubricate them before you use them. Otherwise, the springs will not be able to tackle the friction.

Lastly, from all the shock absorbers that I’ve tested, this seemed to me quite average. There are better shock absorbers out there.


  • It’s a perfect fit for the Traxxas Slash
  • It can withstand high stress
  • You have a lot of options for sizes 


  • It doesn’t come pre-oiled
  • Does not do a great job at absorbing resistance
  • The RC tends to run not as smoothly

Buying Guide

Feeling a bit dizzy? Well, we don’t blame you. Going through so many features one after another is a drag. But if you don’t know what to look for it’s obvious that you’ll feel a bit clueless.

However, we understand that struggle. That’s why we came up with this little segment. In this part, we’ll go through all the features that are a must look out option for all of you who are planning on buying a shock for the Traxxas Slash. Moreover, you must follow a buying guide while buying top-notch shocks for TRX4 and other models too.

Material of the Body

First things first, you have to pay heed to the body of the shocks. Yes, we’re talking about that large rod that acts as the handle for the springs to wrap around.

Typically they are either made of plastics or alloy. Now, the plastic ones are not that strong. Hence they break under pressure. So, generally, they are not the ideal choice.

Instead, try to buy the ones made of aluminum. These can handle that pressure when the spring compresses. Luckily, for you guys, we picked out the ones made of aluminum material. Hence, they are all ok in this sector.

Size of the Shocks

Shock absorbers come in all different types of length. However, not all are appropriate for your RC car.

However, a general rule of thumb is to get a larger shock that’s within the fitness range of your vehicle. Why larger shocks are better you may ask?

Larger shock absorbers are better because the broader the channel, the less motion resistance the shock provides, and the smaller the hole, the tighter.

However, make sure that the shock absorber is tuned to match the vehicle it’s attached to in order to work properly.

Stiffness of The Shaft

Another thing that defines whether your shock absorber is ready to hit the road is the stiffness of the shaft. This will generally tell you how much stress it can handle from the shocks on the road.

Thus, try to go for the shock absorbers with a highly stiff shaft. They are harder to bend and will not break down under high pressure. However, the downside is they will weigh a lot more.

Thus, there’s a chance of them slowing down your RC cars. Nevertheless, it’s better for your shock absorbers if the shaft is stiffer.

Damping Effect

The damping effect is the ability of the shock absorber to absorb the vibration. Now, it’s important for the shock absorber to fully absorb the shock so that your RC cars don’t flip up while carrying out a big jump.

Hence, go for the ones that have a high damping effect and can ensure that they can absorb the maximum oscillation.

Ability to Handle Big Jumps

Next up, see if the shock absorbers can actually handle the big jumps. We all know people that love to do stunts like big jumps with RC cars. For them, it’s necessary to ensure that the shock absorbers can actually handle this.

Thus, ensure that your shock absorbers can handle the big jump made by the Traxxas slash 4×4.

Presence of Lubricating Oil

Some of the RC cars have lubricated oil inside them. This makes it easy for the springs to battle the friction that works against them.

However, the others don’t actually come with lubricating oil. Thus, you’ll need to do the extra work of lubricating them before the first use. Now, this is a hassle. 

So, if you want to avoid this extra work look for the ones that are pre-lubricated.

However, if you have a specific lubricating oil that you prefer and only want to use that then go ahead and get a non-lubricated shock absorber. Some of the best lubricating oils that you can use for your shock absorbers are described in this video down below-

Assembled Springs

Last but not least, ensure that the springs are pre-assembled. Most of the time the shock absorbers come with pre-assembled springs. However, during other times, you have to assemble the springs yourself.

Now, although this isn’t a hard task, why do the extra work when you can already escape it.


Is the Traxxas 5862 Shock Set better than the shock absorber that comes with Traxxas Slash?

Yes, the Traxxas 5862 Shock Set is way better than the shock absorber that comes with Traxxas slash. The shock set provide better damping and smoother running of your Traxxas slash than the one that comes with the slash.

What shock oil should I use RC?

For the shock absorbers of RC car try to use silicon oil. They are silicon-based and that’s why they tend to be more lubricant. At the same time, they provide less friction for the springs.

How much oil do I put in my RC shocks?

There isn’t a specific amount of oil that you need to put in your RC shocks. Just remember to keep the lubricating oil 1/8″ – 1/4″ from the top. This way, the oil will be enough to keep the shocks lubricated and won’t be too much for the air bubbles to get out of the way.

To Sum Up

Well, folks, that’s all there is on the best shock for slash 4×4 for this day. We hope you found your perfect match and are planning on buying it today.

Anyway, since we’re at the end of our guide we’ll say goodbye here. Have fun cruising the RC cars on the street. Don’t forget to do some cool tricks to impress those girls out there. Enjoy the ride. Adios!

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