How Big is A 1/16 Scale RC Car

How Big Is A 1/16 Scale RC Car? [The Ultimate Guide]


If you’re new to the world of RC cars, you’ll quickly learn that they’re available in a variety of scales. When it comes to scales and sizes, there is a lot to learn. This might be pretty confusing for beginners.

So, how big is a 1/16 scale RC car?

There is a lot of misunderstanding about the scale and size. The scale is a ratio to express the RC car’s size compared to the original model. Generally, the 1/16 scale RC cars are not larger than 15 inches. The sizes of these cars also depend on the type of RC vehicle. For example, the 1/16 scale of an RC buggy is not the same as an RC rock climber.

These were just the basics about the scales of RC cars. This article will teach you all you need to know about the scales of RC vehicles.

So, what do you have to lose? Get on board this wagon and ride it all the way to the end!

Scale Definition of an RC Car

The terms scale and size are frequently used interchangeably by writers. The size will be determined by the full-sized version of that vehicle. This is referred to as scale.

Keep in mind that the 1/16 scale means it’s 16 times smaller than the original car. So, if they’re reproducing a tiny vehicle, the 1/16 scale version will be that much smaller. 

In actual life, the smaller the number mentioned on the scale value, the larger it will be. 1/10 scale good RC rally cars, for example, are larger than 1/16 size cars.

Size Definition of an RC Car

The vehicle’s length is measured from the front to the back of the vehicle’s body.

An RC car’s breadth is measured between its two widest points.

A vehicle’s height is measured from the ground to the vehicle’s tallest point.

The wheelbase is measured from the front wheel’s center to the back wheel’s center.

1/16 Scale Short Course Truck Size and Specifications

One of the most popular forms of RC vehicles is the short course truck body. This is a large truck with the capacity to turn for the scale size.

The toughest RC trucks are also good for doing minor jumps. These are great for making obstacle courses. After all, everyone wants to enjoy an awesome obstacle adventure. 

Now, here are the approximate specifications of the vehicle-

  • Length – 14 inches or 356 mm
  • Height – 4.92 inches or 125 mm
  • Width – 7.3 inches or 185 mm
  • Weight – 2.19 pounds or 1 kg
  • Wheelbase – 8.1 inches or 125 mm

Traxxas is a great example for 1/16 scale RC vehicles of this sort. They can give you great satisfaction compared to 1/8 scale RC vehicles. You can enjoy it a lot if you have good-quality tires for Traxxas.

1/16 Scale Buggy Size and Specifications

You’ll want to buy a buggy if you want your race experience to have a slick appearance. These exciting vehicles have a fantastic aerodynamic feel to them. 

Buggy bodies come in a range of shapes and sizes. Yet, many people stick with the one that came with the car when they bought it. 

The approximate specifications are-

  • Length –  272 mm or 10.7 inches
  • Height – 102 mm or 4 inches
  • Width –  178 mm or 7 inches
  • Weight – approx. 1.18 kg or 2.61 pounds
  • Wheelbase – 7.5 inches or 190.5 mm

Every RC lover loves these types of cars and so should you. At least, we expect you will. If not, then you can move on to the others as well.

The quality of the servo is very important for RC buggies of any scale. 

1/16 Scale Rock Crawler Size and Specifications

Rock Crawlers are focused on the ability to climb over mountains of rocks in the yard. Create your own obstacle course with rock mounds. And have a blast with the family with these thrilling vehicles. 

The approximate specifications are- 

Length – 13.58 inches or 345 mm

Height –  7.08 inches or 180 mm

Width – 7.48 inches or 190 mm

Weight – 5.29 pounds or 2.4 kg

Wheelbase – 9.25 inches or 235 mm

The majority of extra weight is due to the increased number of metal elements used in the wheel articulation. You can follow different course ideas for rock crawlers and have fun. 

1/16 Scale Monster Truck Size and Specifications

Didn’t everyone as a youngster want a monster truck? We witnessed them trampling over everyone and everything in their way on television. That’s when we discovered the style and fell in love with it. Imagine all of that in a 1/16 scale. And you’ve got an automobile that’s ready for anything.

Here are the approximate specifications-

  • Length – 10.2 inches or 260 mm
  • Height – approx. 5.9 inches or 150 mm
  • Width – 9.25 inches or 235 mm
  • Weight – approx. 4.31 pounds or 1.95 kg.
  • Wheelbase – Can differ

To hand you your childhood dream, here are some of the best RC monster trucks. 

Product 1
Product 2
Product 3

These versions are just like the ones you’ve been dreaming about. Or, might be even better. Well, we hope they are. Which one you like is entirely up to you.

You’ve to stop here. Now, you should know about the size and scale of a 1/16 RC car. Here’s a tip- always keep your RC cars clean. This will extend their life and let you have a pleasant ride.


Question: What is the top speed of a 1/16 scale RC car?

Answer: 1/16 scale RC  cars can reach speeds of up to and above 55 mph. The MPH of the car or truck will always grow with proper use. You will also have to adhere to a thorough maintenance schedule.

Question: In inches, how big is a 1/16 scale?

Answer: You can’t truly answer this question without offering a sliding scale of an answer. Because the scale is a proportion of the original vehicle’s size.  However, most 1:16 scale RC vehicles are approximately 10-14 inches long.

Question: Is it true that nitro RC vehicles are faster than electric RC cars?

Answer:  Electric automobiles are considerably quicker than upgraded Nitro cars. They are cleaner than Nitro Cars, and no engine adjustment is required. Running costs are usually lower. 

Bottom Line

Congrats! You’ve reached the end of this article. Now you should know how big is a 1/16 RC car. 

1/16 is one of the best scales of RC vehicles you can get. It also gives you the best thrilling experience. 

If you have any inquiries, you can reach out to us. Till then, best of luck mate!

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