Traxxas Slash 4×4 Motor Upgrade

Traxxas Slash 4×4 Motor Upgrade: Find the Best Fit!


There are lots of RC cars available in the market. But not all of them are as good as Traxxas Slash 4X4. This is an amazing RC car with some of the nicest features. 

Incredible stability management and great top speed make this car one of the best for racing. But not all users are satisfied only with the features and attributes that come with the car. 

Therefore, for even better performance and overall quality enhancement hobbyists opt for the Traxxas Slash 4X4 motor upgrade. But this task is actually a tough one. 

Finding the best product out of the countless available options can be overwhelming even. Hence we tried to help you in this regard. We examined the market and listed the best that we found. 

Apart from the product details, we also tried sharing our insights based on a thorough analysis. So stick with us till the end. You gotta get some interesting facts to develop a better understanding of the Traxxas Slash motor upgrade. 

Product Overview

So the first motor on our list is Castle Creations Sensored Motor. This is a superior quality motor that can provide excellent performance. So, if you’re looking for a strong motor, this is simply perfect for you. This brand is preferable even if you want to upgrade Traxxas E Maxx brushless motor

This motor is waterproof and has a very good quality finishing. It can smoothly run on muddy trails or snowy surfaces. Yes, the car performance doesn’t get hampered by tough terrains when you have this motor installed. 

Moreover, it doesn’t only ensure a smooth ride. It’s also outstanding at providing high speed. This product can be crowned as a beast in boosting speed. 

Additionally, it guarantees enhanced performance without making excessive heat. This is definitely a plus point. Motors making heat due to high performance is immensely common. 

This motor stands out in this regard. Furthermore, this is durable and promises to provide longevity. Also, the price for the service is really appreciable. 

You’re going to get outstanding service at a respectable price. This is another value-adding feature of this product. So as a whole, this is a good quality product that you should consider for your Traxxas Slash 4X4 motor upgrade. 


  • It’s waterproof and can run on dew, snow, or muddy trail pretty well 
  • Can provide high speed without making excessive heat 
  • It ensures a smooth run 
  • Durable and very good service for the price
  • Very good at providing at excellent quality performance


  • This product isn’t very beginner-friendly. Making it easier to handle for novices would be great 

Product Overview

After our amazing top pick, it’s time to say hello to our second favorite on the list. The product name is Xiangtat EZRUN Brushless Motor. Another greatly engineered product that can ensure reliable performance. 

This product is promised to provide very efficient and smooth performance. You’re going to enjoy a smooth ride by using this motor for your Traxxas Slash 4X4. 

Along with its top-notch stability, it is also excellent at ensuring greater speed and acceleration. It’s made with good quality materials, hence it’s durable. Also, the excellent design makes it extremely great at its service. 

Moreover, it has great durability which ensures that your purchase is worth every penny spent on it. You’re going to get excellent product performance and satisfactory product life. 

As a whole, this is definitely worth a try if you’re thinking about adding an upgraded motor with your Traxxas slash. 


  • Provides stability and a good acceleration
  • Has good temperature control which is very helpful
  • Efficient at its performance 
  • Durability is satisfactory 
  • The product is well-designed and the quality is also top-notch


  • Overall improvement in quality control will make this even better 

Product Overview

Already done with two excellent products. It’s time to raise the curtain to our third product on the list. The product name is Castle Creations Sidewinder Waterproof. 

It comes from the same brand as our first product. And to be honest, the product quality deserves a huge shoutout. It’s made of superior quality materials, hence they’re extremely good at service. 

Moreover, they are easy to use. This is definitely a plus point for this product. Because novice or beginners who are planning to upgrade their Traxxas slash 4X4 motor finds it helpful. 

This product is promising at providing a high-quality service. This is incredibly good at providing speed, performance, and a smooth run. You can smoothly run it on tough and muddy terrains as well.

Also, it’s good at keeping the temperature under control. This heat resistance is really appreciable. So, we find this product an excellent pick for professional RC car users. You can definitely give this a thought. 


  • Water-resistant hence you can use it on muddy or wet surfaces
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Incredible at providing a good speed and acceleration 
  • Good at temperature control
  • Praiseworthy performance considering the price 


  • It would be great if it comes with some necessary equipment such as double-sided mounting tapes 

Product Overview

Let us introduce you all to a very low-maintenance product that never fails to satisfy the user. Globact RC Brushed Motor is the product that we were talking about. 

So, this is a very thoughtfully designed product that can provide reliable performance. It has integrated cooling fans that assure that the temperature is under control. 

Cutting off the redundant heat production which is one of the major issues of motors is definitely a plus point. Heat resistance has effects on the overall vehicle performance. 

Hence, this motor is good at offering a good speed range. You’re going to enjoy an ultimate speedy performance with it. Moreover, the runtime also gets prolonged. This certainly speaks for the product performance, right? 

Additionally, this product is easy to maintain. So people who want to avoid the extra hassle of maintaining a motor should pick this up. Also, it lasts long, so the durability is also praiseworthy. 

Therefore, considering the performance and overall durability, this is certainly a product worth the purchase. 


  • Durable, so it will last long and serve you well 
  • The price seems reasonable for its service
  • The product is reliable and can provide a good run time 
  • The product quality is praiseworthy 
  • Easy to install and extremely low maintenance


  • The motor leads aren’t soldered. This causes some troubles for the users. 

Product Overview

Time to introduce our last but an absolute favorite product. The product name is INJORA RC Brushed Waterproof Motor. Another motor which is extremely reliable and worth the money spent on it. 

The first thing about this product that we instantly loved is its reasonable price. This is definitely the most budget-friendly product on our list. Even it’s quite rare to get such a well-performing product at such an affordable price. 

But even after being cheaper than the other products on the list, this is no less in service. It works really well and is very promising at providing good quality performance. 

Moreover, it doesn’t get overheated while performing. So this makes it a very good pick for professional users who are looking for an upgraded motor. 

Also, we just don’t want to miss out on this very remarkable feature which is its ease of installation. You can install this product without any prior experience as well. Therefore, it’s tremendously beginner-friendly. 

So if you have a tight budget looking for a motor to upgrade your Traxxas, it should be your pick. Even novice players should also consider this amazing motor, no doubt about that. 


  • The price is affordable
  • Very easy to install 
  • Can provide better acceleration and speed
  • Good at keeping the temperature normal 


  • The durability of this product isn’t exactly satisfactory. Some improvement here would be great 

Why Is The Motor Upgrade Necessary?

The motor upgrade is extremely necessary at times. You even have to upgrade a cheap RC car. Yes, it’s true that for regular use you won’t face problems with the built-in motor that comes with the Traxxas Slash. 

But who doesn’t want enhanced speed and better performance, right? 

At least, most of the RC users opt for these things. Hence the upgrade becomes important for most of them. For regular racers and professionals, this is really significant. 

Upgrading their motor will increase their speed. This is the ultimate dream for every racer and basher. Moreover, the power of the vehicle will also increase if you add a more powerful motor with it. 

So the battery will get more support and capability to provide a good quality car performance. So, overall performance quality will be enhanced for sure. 

How To Pick The Right Upgrade Motor For Your Vehicle? 

This is a known fact that a car without a motor is actually useless. But not all motors can support all sorts of activities. As a matter of fact, Traxxas Slash 4X4 comes with a good quality Velineon 3500 brushless motor. 

Still, at times, the upgrade is needed for having better vehicle performance. It’s extremely important to know what exactly you should keep in mind while upgrading the motor of your vehicle.  

To answer this frequently asked question, we added this part. Here we explained why some professionals suggest Traxxas Slash 4X4 motor upgrade. So, let’s get into the detailed description- 

Considering The Speed Boost

For speed advancement, the motor has a lot to do. Your battery won’t come in help if your motor isn’t powerful enough to support that. Therefore, it’s really important to upgrade your motor according to your user preference. 

Even though the build-in motor is really good at its service, still for specialized uses upgrade is the way. If you’re an off-road driver, you will go for the slower model. 

Because that will consume less energy and won’t get overheated. On the other hand, if you’re looking for motors that support extreme speed, you’ll need the fast ones. 

So when you’re looking for motors keeping a special attribute in your mind, you need to upgrade them accordingly. Otherwise, your goal won’t be achieved.  

Compatible With The Speed Controller

When you’re opting for increased speed and more enhanced performance, better speed control is necessary for safety. Speed controllers are extremely important for any vehicle, mostly for racing cars. 

So, more speed will increase your need for a more enhanced speed controller. But only choosing a high-power speed controller isn’t enough. Or choosing a better motor for speed enhancement won’t be all. 

You must make sure the speed controller and the motor are compatible with each other. Otherwise, the synchronization between these particles will be hampered. So, try to be careful while choosing. 


Question: How fast can a Traxxas Slash 4X4 go?

Answer: Traxxas Slash 4X4 is very thoughtfully designed. Therefore, it can provide a good speed range. But the speed depends much on the road condition and other factors as well. When everything is under precise control a Traxxas Slash 4X4 can go at a speed of 60+ mph. 

Question: Is the Traxxas Slash 4X4 worth the money?

Answer: For its price, this car is quite worth the money. Traxxas Slash has a very good quality of components and the service is also good. So considering the outcome and durability, this Rc car is definitely worth the money. 

Question: Are Traxxas RC cars good?

Answer: Yes, as an RC brand Traxxas RC is actually very good. This brand is renowned for making strong and durable cars. Additionally, the cars are elegant in outlook and amazing in performance. They can offer a good range of speed and can provide customized friendliness. All these features make Traxxas RC an excellent choice. 

Question: Is the Traxxas Slash a good car?

Answer: Traxxas Slash has some of the nice features that make it perfect for multiple purposes. The price is reasonable and the features are simply top-notch. Moreover, the overall performance is very satisfactory, So as a whole, the Traxxas Slash is an amazing car. 

To Sum Up

So, we are near the end. It’s time to say goodbye and part our ways. But before doing so we hope that you’ve got an overall view of the Traxxas Slash 4X4 motor upgrade

So, if you are considering updating your RC car, then please thoroughly compare the available options. Afterward, finalize your pick based on your preference. 

Hope you have a thrilling time with your upgraded vehicle. Wishing you all the very best for your upgrading mission. Have fun and stay safe.

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