sky rover helicopter troubleshooting

Sky Rover Helicopter Troubleshooting [4 Common Issues]

Flying your sky rover helicopter is pretty fun until you face unexpected problems. Chances are that you’ve no idea what has gone wrong. But some of them might be very easy to solve.

So, what are the common sky rover helicopter troubleshooting?

Sky rover helicopter’s common troubleshooting problems can be related to any part. Weakened battery power is the most common problem among them. You may also face other problems like the helicopter spinning in a circle. Having a damaged motor or a weak connection are quite common issues.

That was only a sneak peek of the whole post. We’ve made individual segments for each troubleshooting issue. If you’re interested to know more, read along with us.

So, let’s begin!

4 Common Issues Of Sky Rover Helicopter

Sky rover helicopters have quite a few common issues. It gets worn out quite frequently. We’ll be talking about 4 common issues of sky rover helicopters. 

Weakened Battery

The most common problem in sky rover helicopters is the battery issue. In most cases, the battery goes bad when it gets old. It should be fine for about a year after you’ve bought the helicopter. 

If it gets bad before that, the battery might not have been of good quality. You’ll see air hogs helicopters with charging issues as well.   


The following steps will be helpful to solve the battery issue. Just follow our lead.

Step-1: Check The Voltage

Check the voltage of your battery. Use a multimeter to do the job. A fully charged battery should be about 4.2V. If the rate is above or below 4.2, you’ve to balance the charge. Use a balance charger to discharge and recharge your battery. 

Step-2: Inspect The Battery

Inspect the voltage again with the multimeter. If it’s still not resolved, you’ll be needing a new battery for your helicopter. You can consider adding a c2 or c4 battery to your toy.

Helicopter Spinning In Circle

A common issue seen in the sky rover helicopters is the uncontrollable spinning. This happens due to problems within the gears.

The spinning problem is related to the spinning gear of the helicopter. Whirl the blades with your hand. If you feel any resistance and clicking sound, that’s your cue. It means the spinning gear has gone bad. Worn-out flying blades can also be the cause.


You can replace the old gear with a new one to solve this issue. To replace these you’ve to follow some simple steps. Here we’ve elaborated them for you-

Step-1: Removing The Parts

Take a screwdriver and pull out the screws from the surface. Now, take out the covers. You’ll see the two white spinning gears. One is bigger in diameter, another is very small and attached before the bigger one. 

Step-2: Replacing The Faulty Gear

Unscrew the small spinner only. Replace it with a new one and attach it to its position. Now, spin the blades with your hands again. Hopefully, you won’t feel any resistance like before. Now, your helicopter will fly just fine.

For worn-out flying blades, you have to replace them with new ones. You should choose new blades from some best available RC flying wings. 

Problem With Motors

Motor problems are another common issue of sky rover helicopters. To be more specific, the culprit could be a worn-out motor brush. Motors with carbon brushes can lose their power after some time. Because they wear out quickly. 

Brushless motors don’t wear out as fast as brushed motors. But it’s hard to tell which motor has gone bad. Because they spin at the same RPM. It’s best to replace both of the motors to avoid more disturbance.

You can use these motors to replace your sky rover helicopter’s battery.

Product 1
Product 2

Got the motor? Then let’s check out how to replace it!


To replace the motor you have to follow some simple steps. We’ve explained them here-

Step-1: Remove The Parts

Unscrew the covers of the helicopter. Right on top, you’ll find the wires that are connecting the motor to the electric board. Gently pull it out. Now, you’ll be able to pull out the motor from the device.

Another motor is located at the bottom near the landing part of the device. Just like the one before, pull the wires out of the motor. Unscrew some parts if you need to.

Step-2: Replacing Old Motors

Simply put new motors in the places where they should be located. Connect the wire sockets on the electric board. Now, screw them tightly to their position and attach the covers.

Fly the helicopter once you’ve attached all the parts. Feasibly, it would be working just fine.

Weakened Connection Signal 

The battery, gears, and motor are working just fine. Then what has gone wrong? This could be the issue of the weak connection of signals.

The troubleshooting is caused by a weak connection to the receiver controller. The working transistor might also be the cause. If the transistor voltage is anything other than 0.7 then it has gone bad.

If the problem isn’t in the receiver, the reason would be decreased signal.


If the problem is within the receiver, it’s best to get a new one. Because fixing it is costly and complicated. If the problem is with the signals, expand the range of the antenna. Uncover the antenna and add additional wire to it to get better signals.

These are the possible sky rover helicopter troubleshooting problems. 


Question: How to charge a flying helicopter?

Answer: Connect the helicopter’s cable with your computer. But don’t connect the wire in the AC socket while the helicopter is flying. It’ll burn and damage the battery.

Question: How to charge the sky rover helicopter’s battery?

Answer: You can connect the remote and the helicopter with the given charging cable. Keep the remote in the switch-on mode for it to charge. 

Question: Can I fly my sky rover at full speed all the time?

Answer: for the first three flights, don’t fly it at full speed. After it has taken 3 flights, blow out the engine with air. It’s better not to fly them at full speed as it contains a risk of damage.

Last Words

That was all about sky rover helicopter troubleshooting. Hopefully, you’ve found this post helpful and informative.

See you soon in the next post.

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