Spektrum DX6 vs DX6e

Spektrum DX6 vs DX6e: Which One Should You Get?

Both DX6 and DX6e share a lot of similar features. So, it can become a little bit hard to decide sometimes. 

So, which one should you buy, Spektrum DX6 vs DX6e

The DX6 has 10 programmable mixes whereas the DX6e has only 4. Both DX6 and DX6e have 4 model types for setting up multiple profiles. However, the DX6 has a built-in speaker which works as a voice alert. Finally, the DX6 has an improved ergonomic design and feels very nice to hold. 

However, these are but a portion of the whole debate. Read along if you wish to know more information. 

Spektrum DX6 vs DX6e: Notable Differences 

We should always note the basic differences beforehand. Because it makes it easy to understand a detailed comparison such as Traxxas vs Redcat. It also saves time and effort too. 

That’s why we’ve tried our best to put it all together and make a chart for you. Here’s how the difference between DX6 and DX6e looks-

FeaturesSpektrum DX6Spektrum DX6e
Build QualityImproved ergonomic designDecent 
PresetSupports all 4 profilesSupports all 4 profiles
Built-In SpeakerYesNo
Backward CompatibilityUp to DSM2 (US)


DSMX only (EU) 

Up to DSM2 (US)


DSMX only (EU)  

Programmable Mixes104
Swashplate mixing8 types2 types
Buddy Boxing Physical and WirelessWireless
Switches and FunctionsMoreLess
Price Around $200-220Around $160-170

Does this solve your dilemma? If not, read along. We’ve discussed these to help you understand them even more. 

Spektrum DX6 vs DX6e: In-Depth Discussion 

Now that you have a sneak peek at the topic, let’s compare them thoroughly. Because this is an essential part of the comparison, be it flysky gt3c vs gt3b or spektrum dx6 vs dx6e. With luck, you may find many ins and outs you’re searching for. 

Build Quality, Channels, Presets, and Bandwidth

First, let’s start with their build quality and other features. 

Both Spektrum DX6 and DX6e are 6 channel 2.4Ghz controllers. However, the DX6 has an improved ergonomic shape, which is absent in DX6e. 

It also has rubber grips at its side and the sticks are a little bit nicer. It just has an exquisite aura around it. 

On the other hand, the DX6e is a bit shorter in size. It also lacks an ergonomic design. 

So, it might not feel quite as good as a DX6 but they are easier to adjust. The adjustment screws of a DX6e are in the front, which certainly helps a bit. 

Both of these support all 4 presets. From helicopters to seaplanes, you can fly anything you want. So, this is a very nice addition to both of them.  

Overall, they’ve got the same build quality. But the DX6 certainly feels nicer to hold and use. 

Built-In Speaker 

The biggest difference between a DX6 and DX6e is the built-in speaker function. It’s also a very unique addition and is absent in most controllers like DX6e. 

Basically, the built-in speaker option enables the DX6 to use the voice alert program. Also, it’s fully programmable so you can set any type of alert you want. 

Traditional controllers have a beeping system, which is used as an alert. But you might get confused sometimes. For example, the weather might be windy or the surroundings could be loud. 

Also, you could be flying top-notch floatplanes which are a bit loud in general. Amidst all that noise, there are chances that you might miss a beep warning. Consequently, you might fail to land your plane in time or severely wreck your plane. 

That’s why the built-in speaker is a really nice addition. It also puts DX6 far ahead in the race. 

Backward Compatibility 

The backward compatibility of a controller lets you use it with old receivers. It saves a lot of your money as you don’t have to buy new receivers immediately. 

Both DX6 and DX6e have impressive backward compatibility but only in the USA. 

Normally, the DX6 and DX6e use DSMX technology, which is a much stronger signal. But it also can work with DSM2 receivers. It’s a nice money-saving option. 

However, the DX6 and DX6e sold in Europe only support the DSMX system. It’s very unfortunate for the Europeans. 

Speaking of receivers, these are some of our recommended picks – 

Product 1 
Product 2  

If you’re looking into more diverse receivers, you can compare Spektrum and Futaba.

Programmable Mixes, Antennas, and Swashplate Mixing

Now let’s talk about some additional ones. We’ll keep it short and easy for you. 

The DX6 has 10 programmable mixes while the DX6e only has 4. It allows the DX6 to be more versatile and create more potential. 

On top of that, the DX6 has 2 antennas instead of 1. This is called the diversity antenna setup. It helps with polarization and improves overall signal quality. 

Please note that having 2 antennas doesn’t increase the range at all. It just increases overall reliability and better signal penetration. 

Finally, the DX6 is also far ahead of DX6e in swashplate mixing. The DX6 allows 8 types of mixing while the DX6e only supports 2. However, for most people 2 types should be enough. 

Our Winner

Have you decided which one is the best for you? 

If you’re still having doubts, we can summarize it and help you choose one. For us, the clear winner is Spektrum DX6. 

However, it’s very expensive and might be a little too much if you’re a beginner. There are way too many functions that might not get used at all. 

And the best news? 

You can get a DX6e and a DSMX receiver for the price of a DX6. This will be far better than DX6 with no DSMX receiver. 


Question: Can you mix different brand’s transmitters and receivers?

Answer: No. A Futaba transmitter can only send information to a Futaba receiver. Same goes for Spektrum or Sanwa.

Question: What is the range of a Spektrum DX6? 

Answer: About half a mile. Any DX6 airplanes or helicopters within the area will have maximum security. 

Question: Does Spektrum DX6e have telemetry?

Answer: Yes it does. It’s compatible with DSMX receivers and can give you real-time info on motor temperature, signal quality, and battery voltage. 


And that’s everything from us. These are all we could bring forth on Spektrum DX6 vs DX6e

Which is the winner in your opinion? 

If you have a specific question, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below.

Happy flying!

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