Spektrum ix20 Problems

5 Common Spektrum ix20 Problems [Reasons & Solutions]

So you are considering getting a new transmitter for yourself. And obviously, Spektrum ix20 has caught your attention.

But before purchasing, you want to be aware of all its drawbacks, right?

Now you’re wondering what are the common Spektrum ix20 problems?

One of the first Spektrum ix20 problems is BlueTooth connection. Or you may notice the receiver starting to slowly blink at the landing. But you can fix it by replacing or contacting Horizon Product Support. Or just power off your transmitter whenever your receiver is powered off.

Still not sure? Well, do not worry! Because, here, we have included every information you should know! 

You will discover all the common problems that come with this Spektrum ix20. Plus, we have explained the reasons as well as the easiest solutions!

Keep scrolling to find out for yourself!

5 Common Spektrum iX20 Problems, Reasons, And Their Solutions

Spektrum iX20 is definitely a popular choice among users. It comes with touch and voice interface capabilities. This makes it very lucrative.

However, there are some problems with this product. Here we have provided a detailed snapshot of some common Spektrum ix20 issues. Also, provided the reasons why they might be occurring. 

Source: spektrumrc

And, of course, provide the solutions for you that you can easily perform!

Go through them carefully!

Problem 1: Aircraft Won’t Bind to Transmitter.

Try going to different forums on this related topic. And this is one issue you’ll find people complaining about most. 

In the following part, let us discover why binding problems in Spektrum happen!


Well, there are several reasons why it may happen. Let’s find them out.

1. One possible reason may be the Aircraft or transmitter is too close to a large metal object.

2. Or the bind plug may not be installed accurately in the bind port.

3. Flight battery or the transmitter battery charge might be low.

4. Transmitter might be an EU version and the receiver is DSM2.

Now that you are informed of the reasons, let us get to the solving part!


1. First of all, try moving the powered transmitter some feet from the aircraft. Then, you need to first disconnect the flight battery to the aircraft. And then reconnect it again.

2. You can also move the transmitter away from that large metal object.

3. Another way is Installing a bind plug in the bind port. Also, bind that aircraft to your transmitter.

4. Replace or recharge the batteries.

5. Also, if you’re using DSM2 receivers, change it. Because the iX20 EU version is not quite compatible with these receivers.

Problem 2: Bluetooth Won’t Connect

This is another of the common problems that the users grumble on. You might find that the Bluetooth will not connect to your Spektrum iX20.

It can get upsetting when you just got the device and the Bluetooth won’t connect. In the next part, let’s find out the possible reasons.


It can happen for two reasons. 

1. One reason is that your Bluetooth device is not kept in discoverable mode. 

2. The other can be that the iX20 is already connected to another Bluetooth device.

Now let’s move to solve this issue!


1. To fix this, just make sure your device is connected in discoverable mode.

2. Also, you need to disconnect Bluetooth from any other devices. This might need you to power off the device. 

3. Or you can select ‘FORGET’ for the device in the Bluetooth setup menu.

And this issue with your device should be solved. And the device’s Bluetooth should connect smoothly.

Problem 3: Voice Reports Not Functioning

This is another common problem noticed in the Spektrum iX20. Sometimes the voice reports may not function in the device. This one is also a common Spektrum dx4c issue,

Let’s discover the reasons behind it!


There is one logical reason behind why this is happening. Maybe there’s an error in the text to speech engine in your Android.

There are some simple and effortless ways to fix this.


1. To fix this, open the settings menu in your Android first. 

2. Then choose Accessibility under System. After that, choose the Text to Speech output. 

3. In the menu, ensure that the Google text to speech engine is installed properly. Plus, it’s correctly configured.

Thus the issue should be resolved. And the voice engine should run smoothly.

Problem 4: The Receiver Enters Failsafe Mode

This is another problem you might face. The receiver may enter the failsafe mode within a short distance away from the transmitter.

You may notice similar issues in issues in Spektrum dx4c pro, as well. 

So let’s see what might be the reasons behind it.


1. One reason might be that the receiver antenna is cut or damaged.

2. Or the main receiver and remote receiver are way too close to each other.

We are going to offer some easiest solutions for you, in the next part!


1. One way to fix this is by replacing or contacting Horizon Product Support.

2. Or you can Install the main and remote receivers minimum of 2 inches or 51mm apart.

And you should not face this issue any longer.

Problem 5: Receiver Slowly Blinking at Landing 

This problem is mostly encountered if you are working with DSM2. The receiver starts to slowly blink at the landing.

Let’s see why it happens with your spectrum ix20!


1. One reason might be the loss of power to a receiver during the flight.

2. Or maybe the System is powered on as well as connected. At the same time, your receiver is powered off. That is, without even powering off that transmitter.

Now you know the possible reasons. Let’s quickly move to the solutions given in the next section!


There are simple fixes for this problem.

1. First of all, you have to check your battery voltage.

2. Then just power off your transmitter whenever your receiver is powered off.

And thus you will be able to completely resolve this issue. That too, very simply and effortlessly!

So we can see that Spektrum ix20 comes with a lot of problems. But these problems are fixable too. 


Is it normal to see a blank screen on your Spektrum iX20?

Yes, it’s normal to face a blank screen for a few seconds in SPektrumix20. Or maybe a white screen. And then it may cause it to crash eventually. Sometimes it gives you a message beforehand. And sometimes it crashes without giving any error message.

How to get rid of the black screen of Spektrum iX20?

To get rid of the black screen on Spektrum ix20, press the recent applications menu. It is normally the first button on the left. Then you close the system having this issue. Now open it again. You will find the black screen removed and it should work normally.

Can you fix Spektrum ix20 black screen by rebooting your Android device?

Yes, you can use the ix20 black screen by rooting your android device. For that, you need to press the ‘Home’ and the ‘Power’ button simultaneously. Hold it for around ten seconds and then release. Then hold the Power button till you notice the screen turning on. It should work just fine.

Wrapping Up

Hope we have cleared all your queries about the common Spektrum ix20 problems.

Follow the instructions carefully before you start fixing the device. If you have any questions, let us know.

That’s all for now. Have an amazing day!

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