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TT01 vs TT02- Which One To Choose?


The TT01 and TT02 have been very popular among RC car enthusiasts for a long time. If you’re new to RC hobby, you must be facing the dilemma of choosing one of them.

Well, you don’t have to be puzzled anymore? We’re here for the rescue.

Which one should you pick, tt01 vs tt02?

The TT02 offers you a better propeller shaft and suspension. It has no bottom holes, and the accessibility of the suspension is simple too. Contrarily, many parts of the TT01 are metal-built and relatively sturdier. Its structure makes it less shaky. However, the TT01 struggles quite a bit while offroad usage.

Everything isn’t clear to you, is it? The main article contains detailed head-to-head comparisons between them. So read along to find out more!

TT01 vs TT02- Quick Overview!

The TT01 and TT02 are both great Tamiya RC cars for RC car lovers. They are similar in a lot of ways. Despite the similarities, they’ve differences as well. 

So, let’s have a quick look at them-

Factors TT01 TT02
Differential Performs well with higher speed motors but wear off faster Performs relatively bad with speed motors but is long-lasting
Ground Clearance Less ground clearance Longer ground clearance
Suspension Relatively poor suspension Better suspension
Kingpin Shorter kingpin, less wobbly Longer kingpin, easier to break
Suspension Accessibility A bit hard Easily accessible
Design Motor on the right side, has top support bar Motor on the left side, no top support bar
Steering Rod Supported by metal pivots & bearing Supporting pivots & bearing are made of plastic
Bottom Holes Has bottom holes & motor vent No bottom holes & motor vent

TT01 vs TT02- Detailed Preview!

A quick overview may not be enough for you to draw a conclusion. So let’s go through the detailed comparison between TT01 and TT02. This will help you understand better.


The differential of the TT01 is stronger than the TT02. It’s made of cast aluminum and does well with higher-speed motors. Aluminum is one of the strongest metals in the world. 

On the other hand, the TT02 differential is made of glass fiber reinforced ABS plastic. It does not perform well with higher motors. However, TT02’s plastic-built differential has an advantage. It wears off slowly and lasts longer.

Ground Clearance

The TT02 chassis has significantly more ground clearance than the TT01. That makes the TT02 more suitable for use in grass and gravel.

Contrarily, lower ground clearance has the edge of usage on roads. So TT01 is better for on-road usage.


When it comes to suspension, the TT02 provides better shock resistance than the TT01. Because of this, TT01 struggles quite a lot on the bumpy road. Nevertheless, you can upgrade the suspension of TT01. 

In that case, you have to spend some extra bucks. You’ll be needing a good hex driver set for the process as well.


The TT02 possesses a longer kingpin. It allows the car to brake quickly but makes it shaky as well. With a shorter kingpin, the TT01 is not as wobbly as TT02. 

However, it’s a bit insufficient in braking as compared to the TT01.

Suspension Accessibility

In TT02, the suspension is easily accessible and replaceable. But the TT01 suspension is pretty hard to access. You have to remove the front bumper and the differential first. Then you can reach the suspension and replace it or modify it.

However, a bearing kit is a must’ve for an RC car owner. Here are some of our recommended RC bearing kits for you-

Product 1
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The TT01’s motor is on the right, and the TT02’s is on the left. In the TT02’s body, there are no separated walls. So it is perfect to use a larger motor. Also, the Lipo battery can easily be fixed in the TT02. 

Remember, choosing a good battery is essential too. 

However, the TT01 has a top supporting rod which the TT02 doesn’t have. Most of the internal components of the TT02 are made of plastic. In contrast, many parts in the TT01 are made of metal, and its wishbone design is also perfect.

Steering Rod

Pivots and bearings support the steering rod. Those pivots and bearings of TT01 are metallic and very compacted, and steering rods are more stable. 

Contrarily, in TT02, they are plastic made, and there are slight gaps between the components. That’s why the steering rod of TT02 is a bit flimsier. 

Bottom Holes

At the bottom part, the TT01 has a lot of open holes. It has a motor vent as well. These open spaces are suitable for ventilation purposes. But it hampers the stability of the car. Also, dirt and gravel can easily get inside to damage the car while offroading. 

In TT02, there are no such holes at the bottom part. Thus it performs superbly in off-road tracks. The strong propeller shaft gives it even more advantage. Nevertheless, it will be helpful if you know how to solder bullet connectors.

Final Verdict

Do you still feel puzzled and find it hard to make the final decision? Don’t worry. Let us sum it up for you.

If you want offroad usage and are willing to sacrifice the sturdiness, go for the TT02. But if you’re more of an on-road person, consider buying the TT01. However, the built materials of TT01 are metal hence more sturdy. 

Hope now you’ve no confusion whatsoever about TT01 and TT02.


Question: What is the difference between TT02 and TT02D?

Answer: They’re basically the same except for the components you get with the kit. The TT02 kit contains a shell, ESC, and motor. But you won’t get them with the TT02D.

Question: What ESC will I get with the TT02?

Answer: You’ll get Tamiya’s latest brushed ESC, the TBU-105. It has a low voltage cut-off and works well, and is easy to set up.

Question: What are the differences between a TT01 and TT01E?

Answer: The only difference between the TT-01D and DE is that all the drift cars come with adjustable upper arms, oil shocks, full ball bearings, a motor heat sink, and drift tires.

Bottom Line

So, that was all we had about tt01 vs tt02. We hope now you know which one is perfect for you.

If you’ve any questions, do let us know.

Wish you all the best!

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