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Best Servo for Slash 4×4: Picking The Best One!

Your Traxxas Slash is a remote-control masterpiece. But the manufacturers allowed room for it to get even better. 

No offense to the stock servo. But if you’re competing with your Traxxas Slash, that thing has got to go. You all know how janky it can get at times. 

But should any new servo make a difference? Not necessarily. You can only get better performance from a few selected servos. Don’t worry. We know which are the good ones. 

And, we’re about to help you find the best servo for Slash 4×4. This wasn’t easy. We had to look through a lot of these annoying servos. But after going through twenty different servos, we picked the top 5. 

We even added a neat little buying guide towards the end of the list. If you consult that, you might be able to make a more rational decision.

Finally, we answered some of the most asked questions about servo upgrades for you RC enthusiasts. So, let’s get right into it. 

Comparison Table




Servo Type


Savox SC-1258TG Gear Servo

133.3/166.6 (@4.8/6.0V oz-in)


Hitec 32645S HS-645MG Gear Servo

107/133 (@4.8/6.0V oz-in)


Traxxas 2075 Digital High-Torque Waterproof Servo

125 oz-in


Savox SC-1256TG Digital Servo

222.2/277.7 (@4.8/6.0V oz-in)


ANNIMOS DS3218MG Digital Servo

298.5 (@6.0V oz-in)


Savox SC-1256TG Digital Servo

Product Overview

The first on the list is this one from Savox. This one managed to beat the others that we checked out for a few different reasons. Savox’s servos are always towards the premium end. But we had our reasons to put this one on top.

Let’s address the elephant in the room first. This servo is expensive. It’s the second most expensive one on the list. So you might think we could’ve deducted points for that.

Don’t get me wrong. We definitely penalized it for being slightly on the pricier side. This one still managed to win. Shocker, huh?

Let’s talk about what you get with this one. Other than the digital servo itself, you get an aluminum horn. Look, I know that the stock horn is perfectly fine. But I think there’s no limit to improving the steering of your RC. And in this case, the right aluminum horn might do the trick.

Since we randomly had two units of this servo, we decided to cut one open. We discovered some solid gears underneath. And we can testify that they’re titanium. 

You might be wondering how we got in. Well, that was actually pretty easy. Even though the device is fairly blocked, we were able to open a cover with screws. And then, we were able to access the internals. 

But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. It’s time to talk about the practical stuff.

Installation was rather easy. We obviously uninstalled the stock servo beforehand. Then we placed this in place and connected the plug.

Trust me, the installation process could not have gotten smoother. So let’s move onto the performance.

Before we could test this out on the road, we decided to see how the servo spun with the remote. You could say that there was a significant improvement.

Look, you might not see anything that’s mind-boggling. But the speed of the servo turning with the remote caught us off-guard. It was significantly more responsive than the stock one.

Since we had it in our arsenal, we had to try the provided horn too. The blue accents do provide a nice aesthetic touch. 

Overall, this one was above average. It will get you much better performance when compared to the stock one. And if you’re not afraid to dish out the cash, you’re going to have a good competitive experience with your Traxxas Slash 4×4. 


  • Strong aluminum gears ensure durability
  • Good for 1/10 scale RC buggies
  • Decently managed internal temperature 
  • Immediately provides faster steering
  • Responds quickly to the remote


  • Some units might be faulty
  • A bit on the premium price segment

Flysky Fly Sky Digital Transmitter

  • No. of Channels: 3
  • Working Range: 2.400 to 2.480GHz
  • Color: Black

Product Overview

Up next, we have this gear servo from Hitec. It has a neat 3-pole motor. And there are a couple of other tricks that this servo has up its sleeves. So let’s observe them one at a time. 

If anything, this one looks unusual. You might not even think that this is the right product for tour Slash 4×4 at first glance. But it is. 

So, what’s the best thing about this one? Well, it’s cheap. Now, this isn’t the cheapest gear servo that you’ll get on the list. We’ll get to that one in a bit. But it’s definitely way less expensive than the one that we just looked at.

And like the first one, this is also a dual ball-bearing model. It weighs a couple of grams more than the first one. So that shouldn’t really make a huge difference in performance. 

Although this one comes with a circular servo attached to it, it actually has a couple of others in the box too. Installation was a breeze. If you’ve taken apart your Slash 4×4 before, you should know how to install this.

And if you’re not too sure about it, take it to an expert. 

When it comes to the performance, the torque impressed us the most. Note that it wasn’t anything groundbreaking. Trust me, we would have loved to see that too. Not this one, unfortunately.

Since it’s an analog servo, you might expect less from it compared to the digital ones on the list. Well, it’s an analog servo with the highest torque. Talk about making an impression!

Now we’re not saying that this one can be just as good as the digital ones. But it puts up a fight. So if you’re willing to stick to the traditional ways of servo upgrades, I see this as a wise choice.

You might be curious about how it sounds. On that note, it’s not completely quiet. But it’s nothing close to obnoxious either. You won’t be hearing it when you’re controlling the Slash from up there.

So it’s certainly got an advantage when you compare it with one of the digital servos. 

As for the metal gears, they seem reliable. We tested this one out on our Traxxas Slash for three months. And the gears stayed solid throughout those three months. 

We named this the workhorse. And this thing knows how to crank up when it’s required. If you have trouble trusting the metal gears, well, you can trust this one.

Let’s talk about something unconventional now. We tried to use this with a toy with an animatronic arm. And to our surprise, this thing worked like a charm. So there’s versatility when you need it.

I mean, you’re probably not going to use it for anything other than the Traxxas Slash, but it’s good to know that you can if you want to. 


  • Decent versatile use cases
  • Improves the response time of the wheels
  • Provides better control over the RC car
  • Built decently to last
  • Quiet servo 


  • It’s not digital 
  • A bit on the slower side

Traxxas 2075 Digital High-Torque Waterproof Servo

Product Overview

Coming in at third place, we have a stock servo from Traxxas. In case your Traxxas servo failed and you’re looking for a stock replacement, this is the guy to look for.

But we still recommend choosing the two we just reviewed compared to this one. Don’t get me wrong, this one isn’t a bad servo. We’re just not a fan of stock parts here.

You might say we’re joking since we still gave this servo a podium finish. Well, we never said this one was bad. 

It might look basic, but I think this one packs a decent punch. Furthermore, it’s affordable enough not to burn a hole in your pockets. So you might still be looking at it when you’re hunting for options. 

There’s actually not too much to nitpick here. This stock servo replacement was obviously dedicatedly made for the Slash 4×4. So if the OEM part had flaws, that would not look too good.

But the fact that we have been comparing the others to the stock servo is the problem. Almost all the other third-party manufacturers provide better performance compared to this one. 

The performance you get from this is satisfactory, for the most part. You shouldn’t expect an amazing response and speed out of it.

But if we were talking about durability, this probably comes out on top.

It’s sad that durability is one of the last things to look at when you’re being this competitive at choosing. 


  • Durable build quality
  • Affordable price 
  • Decent water resistance capabilities
  • Good stock servo replacement
  • Great compatibility with Traxxas vehicles  


  • The torque could have been better
  • Not the fastest response

Savox SC-1256TG Digital Servo

Product Overview

In fourth place, we have another one from Savox. And this one was crossing the line with the price tag. That’s why we had to put it so far down the list. Let’s talk about the details. 

Savox doesn’t disappoint with its looks. And this one looks great. But that’s not what sets it apart, though. It’s the price which we thought was concerning. And after careful consideration, we didn’t think it was worth putting this higher on the list.

This aluminum servo is decently built. I think it’s the most well-built one on the list. When it comes to water resistance, this one has its work cut out.

The water resistance performance seemed to be excellent. That’s because we couldn’t notice any moisture getting inside. 

Let’s talk about the performance now. We have to agree that this one puts up a decent fight with the top choice on the list. We noticed a significantly improved speed.

Even the torque seemed to be miles ahead of the rest on this one. 

We didn’t have any issues while trying to install this one. Since we got the correct size, it was an instant swap. We placed it in the dedicated spot and connected the cable. Then things were ready to test out.

If you’re concerned, well, we only had two months to test this one. But we gathered enough information in those two months. 

The servo held up pretty well. Don’t get me wrong, we tried to throw everything at this servo. But it was able to hold its own. 

So, why is this in fourth place? Well, it’s the price. This is nothing short of expensive. You can probably buy two of the Hitec servos for the price of this.

That’s why we had to place this so far down the list. But if you have money to spare, this could be an awesome choice. 


  • Decent aluminum build quality
  • Good improvement to speed
  • There is a significant upgrade in response
  • The water resistance is decent
  • Impressive torque


  • On the expensive side
  • One or two units might have defects

ANNIMOS DS3218MG Digital Servo

Product Overview

Finally, we have this digital servo from ANNIMOS. This one looked super promising to us. And the price really got us hooked. I mean, it’s the cheapest on the list. So, why did it finish last? Let’s talk about it.

We see a lot of promise in this one. You actually get a lot of good things with this. But there are obvious drawbacks that made this one barely reach the top 5.

It’s true that the displayed torque numbers are the best among all the servos featured on the list. But that’s the maximum torque. And we never saw it hitting that number. So you shouldn’t expect it either.

In terms of installation, the whole process was simple. You get an additional gray horn with it. But we don’t think this adds anything more when compared to the stock horn.

We don’t think it’s sealed, so you might not want to take this near water. If moisture gets inside, it could seriously mess with the internals. 

When it comes to the performance, it’s decent. There’s a subtle improvement over the stock choice. But we think that the torque is quite similar to the stock performance.

We saw a little difference in the response time. It’s not a lot, but you might be able to notice it if you place the two side by side.

All in all, if you have the lowest budget to replace a broken or damaged stock servo, this is a good choice. But it’s not the best “upgrade” if you ask me. Maybe they could have offered a bit more. 


  • Good response time improvement
  • Decently fast gears
  • Affordable servo
  • Serves as a good stock replacement
  • Durable quality


  • Not the best performance
  • The torque could have been better

Buying Guide

That’s about it for the reviews. But don’t just skip to the end before reading this. You need to take a couple of things into consideration before buying a servo for your Traxxas Slash. 

Size Matters

The first thing to consider is the size. You won’t want to get bamboozled when the servo you just bought doesn’t fit the RC vehicle. 

So check the recommended dimensions first hand. There are sizes like low-profile, sub-micro, mini, micro, and of course, the standard one. It’s easy to get confused about the size. So it’s better to check which size the stock servo is and go with that one.

Faster Servos Rule 

You probably already knew that. If the servos are faster, they will offer significantly better performance. Look at it this way. If the servo is faster, the gears spin faster. 

Then the horn can turn the wheels from one direction to the other faster. Since latency is involved in the radio controls, you want the absolute best response time. 

That’s why you need a fast servo to feel connected to the ground. 

Water Resistance Is a Bonus

That’s right! Not all servos will come with sealed rubber openings around the case. And you have to make your mind up with that.

If you’re certain that you’ll be driving around the puddles and you can’t let water get inside, you need to spend more.

Some of the servos from Savox may offer decent water resistance. Remember, this isn’t waterproofing, it’s only resistant to sudden splashes. There’s a significant difference between the two terms. 


Question: Will a servo upgrade make my Slash 4×4 faster?

Answer: It depends on what you understand by “fast.” Servos only operate the front wheels and move them. And some of the premium servos can move faster by spinning the gears faster. So in real life, you are getting a faster response from the RC vehicle. 

Question: What is my servo size?

Answer: You can check the servo size from the instructions manual for precise measures. The more important part is the number mentioned besides the torque. If it’s larger, your servo can exert more power and force. 

Question: Is my servo saver important?

Answer: Traxxas RC vehicles might come with a servo saver. Since a lot of the internals are exposed, the servo saver comes to the aid of the servo. It’s a small plastic covering that protects the servo from any impact. 


We hope we were able to clean any misconceptions you might have about digital and analog servos. These little mechanisms make steering so much practical when you’re competitively driving your Traxxas Slash RC vehicles.

All the servos featured here have some interesting facts that we covered. and none of them is bad by any means. So you can definitely pick the best servo for Slash 4×4 from the list. 

We even added a stock option to the list in case you missed it. And the additional tips and tricks should help you out in making the buying decision too. Good luck and happy racing!

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