how to charge a lipo battery without a charger

How to Charge A LiPo Battery Without A Charger: 4 Methods


Chargers are particularly manufactured with the precise amount of current and voltage. It averts overheating the battery. But it gets extremely painful if you lose or forget your charger. 

Would you like to learn how to charge a LiPo battery without a charger?

You can charge the LiPo battery using a USB port. Or using alternative energy sources. You can also use an open-source DC electricity or meter. Using solar panels can help as well. However, always maintain safety precautions. And take professional help if needed.

To charge your LiPo battery without a charger, you’ll require detailed instructions. And we are here to illustrate the whole process just for you. 

Facts About LiPo Batteries

Lithium-Polymer batteries are recognized as LiPo. LiPos are kind of unique. 

It needs more observation and care than, for example, an NiMH battery. A LiPo provides the required power a quadcopter needs. Hence all the electronic components work.

You now have a fundamental understanding of LiPo batteries. Next, let’s learn about the methods you can follow to charge the battery without a charger.

How to Charge A LiPo Battery Without A Charger?

The charging method of LiPo batteries is relatively unique from any other technology. 

All kinds of Lithium batteries operate in the same way. But when it gets to charge these batteries, the whole game changes. 

That’s why, after careful consideration, we’re mentioning some methods for you. Follow them attentively to charge your battery safely.

Method 1: Using A USB Port 

Universal serial bus (USB) is one of the easiest methods to charge a battery. It’s equally useful and protected as the regular charger. 

Grab a USB cable and a host engine or tool. The host tool in this issue is the stream of power. Mostly, PCs, printers, or car radios are used as host devices. You can also use cameras, and power banks as hosts.

First, attach the wider edge of the wire to the port on your host. And the smaller end to the device being charged. Then your battery will start charging.

Note that usually, USBs can just charge one single cell tiny battery in turn. This is because the USB port discharges a maximum current of 500mA. Remember this in case you charge your Traxxas slash LiPo battery with a USB.

Method 2: Charging Using Alternative Energy Sources

This one is another useful way to charge. Also, it’s very harmless to the ecosystem.

Alternative energy sources don’t cost a lot. These chargers, however, are heavy and not favorable to carry around.

There is another alternative power source known as a hand crank charger. These chargers are operated during a blackout as an alternative power stream. They are heavier than solar chargers.

If you’re looking for a hand-crank charger. And that to charge your Traxxas slash battery alternatively. Then, we have the perfect list of hand-crank chargers to help you with.

Product 1
Product 2

Hope you will successfully charge your LiPo battery with the suggested hand-crank chargers.

Method 3: Charge From An Open Source Dc Electricity Or Meter

You can charge your LiPo battery quickly from an open DC power source. Here’s how- 

First, find your battery’s and your source’s voltage. This is to specify the right resistor required to produce current flow. 

Next, attach your battery to the source using the resistor. This stimulates power to surge from the source to the battery. 

You would need a tiny bulb. As your regulator to obstruct additional current flow which might harm your battery.

Method 4: Charging with Solar Panel (10-36W)

You can safely charge your Fatshark LiPo battery with a solar panel.

Here you just have to buy a charger controller. Without a charger regulator, your battery can’t be charged by a solar panel. Or else buy a good quality solar inverter. 

We’re done discussing all the methods for you. But you need to maintain the following safety tips while working on them.

Safety Tips

You should maintain your safety while charging the battery. Otherwise, with time the battery won’t take charge. So, to help you with this, we’ve mentioned some tips below.

Tip 1: Ensure The Right Current Regulator

Ensure to obtain a good power controller. Improper controllers will not restrict the superfluous flow of current. This might defect your battery. 

Tip 2: Protect Your Eyes And Face

Wear eye pads to keep your eyes safe from flashes. Wear a mask to prevent breathing in toxic smoke. 

Tip 3: Don’t Leave The Charger Unguarded 

Don’t leave the charger unguarded. It might overcharge your battery. And your battery might be damaged.

Tip 4: Don’t Surpass The Current Limit

Try not to charge a gadget that pulls above 500mA current. This will surpass the maximum port current. It’ll plunge your host’s voltage. This may prompt a system loss.


Question: Can you overcharge the LiPo battery?

Answer: Don’t overcharge a LiPo battery. Typically 4.2v per cell is full charge. You shouldn’t go under 3.2v per cell to retain a healthy battery.

Question: Is it safe to charge a LiPo battery without a charger?

Answer: Yes, it’s safe to charge a LiPo battery without a charger. LiPo cell or USB is stable to use. Nonetheless, make sure each cell has the same voltage.

Question: How fast can I charge a LiPo battery?

Answer: LiPos generally have a charging pace of 1 hour. Sometimes 30 minutes. The LiPo batteries of an RC aircraft can charge in 4 minutes.

Final Thoughts

Hey! Now you understand how to charge a LiPo battery without a charger

We have conveyed to you the procedures that you simply can use. Take a glance at the provided information. And select the technique that seems feasible to you.

Let us know if you’ve got any additional queries in the comment section.

Hope to see you soon!

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