Xt30 Vs Xt60

Xt30 Vs Xt60: Which One Should You Pick?


We only want the best for our quadcopters. It’s understandable if you’re stumped when it comes to selecting the finest connectors. We feel you.

The mystery remains unsolved. Which one should you choose between xt30 vs xt60? 

There are a few differences between the xt30 and the xt60. XT30 has a 2.5mm bullet diameter while xt60 has 4.3mm. XT30 weighs 1.7g compared to xt60’s 6g. Xt30 can handle 30 amps, xt60 can go up to 60 amps. The XT60 had 0.70 Ohm connector resistance whereas the XT60 had 0.90 Ohm. 

These are just the basic differences. Below, we’ll go through everything in further detail so you can make an educated decision.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get going!

XT30 vs XT60: Basic Differences

It’s crucial to understand the differences to choose the right one. Just like you learned the difference between traxxas and hpi, you need to do the same.

Even though XT30 falls short compared to XT60, their comparison is still intriguing. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key distinctions between the two.

Features XT30 XT60
Anatomy Male Female
Size Smaller in size Bigger in size
Amperage Can’t take more than 40 amps Can take up to 60 amps
Bullet diameter size 2.5 mm bullet diameter 4.3mm bullet diameter
Weight 1.7g 6g
Wire size 20-26 AWG wire size 12-18 AWG wire size
Preferability Smaller quadcopters With high voltage
Price   Price is lower Price is higher

Did we get you intrigued enough for a detailed comparison? Because that’s exactly what we have got in store for you today.

XT30 Vs XT60: Head To Head Differences

You can see the basic characteristics of these two. Take a look at our detailed guide to make an informed decision.


XT30 will support up to 30 amp hence it’s called XT30.  XT60 will support up to 60 amps.  XT30 would be perfect for lighter quads that don’t require much current. XT60 is filled for the heavier ones

Recent tests have concluded that XT30 can go up to 60 volts. The wires need to be thick enough. Here are the tools you need to conduct this test:

  • A Voltmeter
  • Soldering iron
  • 16 AWG wires
  • XT30

All you need to do is solder the wires to the voltmeter and check the reading. If you are using 16 AWG wires, the connector should take up to 60 amps.

Connectors Rating

Connectors, like wires, have a current limit. You should pick wisely depending on the application to prevent creating the system’s “bottleneck.” 

When should the XT30 be used? When you require a current of at least 20 amps. And what about XT60? When a current of 50 amps or more is required. Make sure to not overlook your drones.

Wire Resistance

As you will see in the comparison between ec3 and ec5, wire resistance is important. Thinner wire equals more resistance and vice versa.

You can use wires up to 12 AWG in your xt60. Remember, the smaller the number the higher it is. 10 AWG would be a perfect fit. 

For XT30, you should use up to 16 gauge wires on drones that take up to 60 amps. 

XT60 takes the cake. At 20 amps, the resistance in xt30 will cause a voltage drop of 0.03a volt. For XT60, it’s 0.009v in xt60, which is much less. 

You should always go for silicon wires. Wondering which to buy? Here are our top two quality picks.

Product 1 Product 2

Bullet Connectors 

As we saw above, xt30 uses 2.5mm bullet diameter whilst xt60 uses 4.3mm.

2.5 mm are likely the smallest bullets found on the market. XT60’s 4.3mm bullets are the most popular out there. 

The diameter of the XT60 makes it very versatile. It can handle everything from charger inputs and outputs to large RC motor-esc connections.

On small helis and aircraft, bullets with a diameter of 2mm are often utilized between the ESC and the motor. You can test the esc using a multimeter to find out accurate results.


Like all devices, everything has an expiration date. Are you wondering which one between xt30 and x60 lasts longer?

XT30 connectors use less power and voltage than its counterpart. As a result, it has a longer lifespan.

If you use it properly, XT30 will be good enough for up to 2 years. XT60 will last up to a year. Don’t put a lot of pressure on your XT60, it should live longer than it’s supposed to. Everything depends on how you use it.

Overall Cost

Out of the two XTs, which one is more expensive?

Since XT60 beats XT30 in almost all departments, it’s more expensive, as it should be.

It largely depends on where you buy it from. You may get the XT60 at almost the same price as XT30. 

Final Verdict

With higher wire resistance, more amperage, and ideal bullet diameters, the XT60 wins the competition. It’s the ideal battery connector for your drones.

Everything depends on what kind of drone you are flying. If you are using lighter ones, xt30 will be good enough. For drones that require high voltage, xt60 should be the pick.

To conclude, we recommend XT60 for all your drones. 


Question: Does Voltage matter in xt30 and xt60?

Answer: In RC applications, voltage isn’t as significant. This is due to the fact that voltage range we work with is usually within 30V.

Question: Why does wire quality matter in XTs?

Answer: A low-cost, low-quality wire may be made of brass or aluminum instead of copper.  This may limit the maximum current it can conduct and control.

Question: Why do various sites give varying ratings for the XT30 and XT60?

Answer: They indicate the maximum current at which heating and losses are below a particular level. Everything hinges on the materials used and industry requirements.


And there we have it, folks. These are the differences –xt30 vs xt60. Hope you got your answer to the long-lasting question that has been on everyone’s mind.

Remember to pay attention to what kind of battery connector you are using for your quads. We hope we made choosing easier for you!

Until next time, take care and happy flying!

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