XT60 Vs XT90

XT60 Vs XT90: The Better Connector

When you look at an xt60 connector and an xt90 connector, the only difference you can see is their size. It’s tough to make out the differences from the outer point of view. They both look almost the same. 

So, which one should you go for when it comes to xt60 vs xt90? 

Between xt60 and xt90 there isn’t much competition, both of them are great. These connectors can get your job done correctly and efficiently. This depends on what type of battery you are using and the amount of amperage it needs. However, xt60 needs a bit of soldering but xt90 needs medium effort.

If you’ve found the above argument reasonable. Then the article will definitely be in your favour. 

To make things easier for you we’ve shown an in-depth difference between certain factors of the two connectors. 

XT60 Vs XT90: Brief Overview 

First, let’s start with a quick comparison. This part is essential for even the comparison of deans and xt60. Here is a quick overview through a chart for your understanding of the difference between xt60 and xt90-

Comparing features XT60XT90
Amperage 60 amp90 amp
InstallationIt needs a bit of soldering. Medium effort 
Usage For 4 to 5 cell batteryFor 6 to 8 cell batteries 
Wire gauge 12 AWG10 AWG
Size21.4 mm,20.8 mm29.70 mm, 30.70 mm

The above table is just a mere description of the comparison between the two. Let’s head over to the more detailed explanation. 

XT60 Vs XT90: In-Depth Comparison 

We have given just an overview of the differences. After looking thoroughly into the points, only then can you find the perfect connector for your device. If connectors interest you, you should look into the differences between EC3 and xt60.

So, let’s look at the differences given below.


When it comes to price xt60 is slightly cheaper than xt90. We are known to think that cheaper products are not worth buying. And always go for the more expensive products. 

But in this case, the xt60 though it is cheaper gives almost the same performance as xt90. The xt60 works great up to 60 amps. And usually, all the devices that you use are using 60 amps or lower. 

Source: store.robotics.com

If you’re looking for a connector just to charge. The xt60 is perfect for you. In this case, don’t go for the xt90. 

Winner: XT60 Battery Connector


When it comes to usage. The xt60 is good for 4 to 5 cell batteries. It also works great for 6-cell batteries. The xt60 connector amp rating is 60.  

Now the xt90 connectors are good for batteries using up to 6 to 8 cells. Should be used when you are drawing more than 90 amps continuously. Because the xt90 connector amp rating is 90. Using xt90, in this case, will prevent your battery from melting. 

A drone could also run on xt60/xt90 converted from a lipo battery. You should know drone batteries are chargeable using USB. Apart from batteries, charging is also important.

Winner: XT90 Battery Connector


Now comes which wire gauge goes better with which connector. Let’s start with the xt60. The xt60 connector wire gauge would be 12 AWG. 

For 12 AWG the connector can handle about 180 amps. But some batteries come with a gauge of 14 AWG which is most likely to handle 115 amps.

Next, let’s look at the xt90 connector wire gauge. The size of the wire for this connector would be 10 AWG.  

Winner: Tie


The size difference is little but makes a big impact. Some devices require a smaller connector while others require a bigger one. 

The xt90 connector size in terms of the female connector is 29.70mm and the male connector is 30.70mm. This connector is used for bigger devices like quads that weigh about 14 grams. 

Source: jsumo.com

On the other hand, the xt60 is slightly smaller. The xt60 connector size in terms of length of female contact is 21.4mm. And in case of male contact, it is 20.8mm. 

This connector is used for quads that weigh about 400 to 500 grams. 

Winner: XT90 Battery Connector


Soldering the xt60 is a lengthier process than the xt90 connector. 

Let’s look at how you will solder the xt60 connector first. For this, you will need a type c tip. Type c will heat a larger surface quicker and more efficiently. 

The connectors are split into two parts. Before soldering, connect the two plugs. 

This will secure the pins in place in case you heat the nylon chassis too much. After this remove the old battery plug. 

Do not cut the two wires together. Cutting both of them will cause a short circuit. Cut any of the two wires first. Then remove 3 mm of insulation and twist the wire end. 

Apply tin to the wire’s underside with the soldering iron’s tip. Use tin with flux or apply flux to the wire before soldering. 

Keep the cable cool. Heat shrinks the cable afterward. Then clamp the connector.

If it’s not labeled, the rounded side of the plug is a minus. And the square side is a plus.

Heat the soldering iron tip on the connecting pin. Apply the tin within the joint. Place the cable into the pin and heat it to melt it with the tin. 

The nylon case of the connector may melt if heated too long.

Apply the heat shrink tube immediately or wait a minute. It will start to shrink immediately.

For the xt90 thin the connector and the wire at the same time for better grip. Remove the shooting from your wire and twist it. 

Then thin the wire. To thin the wire, start contacting the iron with the solder until the wire starts wicking. Go immediately to the wire once it starts taking solder. 

Source: hobbyking.com

Make sure the wire is completely soldered with no exposed places. Next, thin your connector. Then bend one end of the wire to the connector. Hold it there for a few seconds until the solder on the wires melts. 

Then do both wires. The wire will go in. Now your connection is soldered. 

The xt60 and xt90 with spark arrestors are soldered in the same way but there’s a slight difference.  

Winner: XT90 Battery Connector

Final Verdict

From the above discussion, we understand that there are no winners or losers in this competition. Almost both the connectors have similar features. It fully depends on the type of device or battery you’re going to use the connector for.

As we can see the only difference between the two are their sizes, price, wire gauge, and the process of solder. Though the xt90 connector can handle more current than xt60 and you can use it for any type of battery.

But again it depends on your battery because when you need an amperage of 60 there’s no point in buying the xt90. We can say it’s a tie. 


What can we use xt60 for?

Nylon sockets or spring pins are molded into these connectors, which are high-temp. The generic XT60’s design eliminates reverse polarity and makes for a rock-solid connection when plugged in. Suitable for a continuous draw of up to 65A. A male and a female connection are included in every set.

Between xt60 and deans, which one is better?

xt60’s build quality is superior to deans’ since nylon is more durable than plastic. Heat-resistant xt60s outperform dean xt60s.

Is it possible to plug EC5 into an xt90?

Yes,with this compact adapter cable, you can easily go from an EC5 battery to an XT90 connection by just plugging in the connector. The XT90 connector on this charger makes it ideal for use with it.  


So far xt60 vs xt90 have been a close competition. We hope you’ve found your winner. 

Remember to always check the rate of amperage. Never use connectors where they can’t handle the current.     

Until next time stay happy and healthy. See you!

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