how to reset dji wifi password

How To Reset DJI Wifi Password: All You Need To Know!

DJI drones with Wifi connectivity are very easy to control. They are cost-efficient and more accurate. 

But sometimes problems occur with the Wifi password. Also, to err is human. So, often the users forget the wifi password and fail to connect.

So the question is how to reset DJI wifi password?

The methods of resetting the DJI wifi passwords vary with models. For the DJI Spark Controller, press the power button. Whereas for Phantom 3 multiple switches are used. The resetting method for Phantom 3 is also different. However, sometimes knowing the default DJI password comes in handy.

So for resetting your DJI Wifi password, you will need precise instructions. Below I have provided a detailed guideline on the password reset process.

Let’s move on to that!

How to Reset DJI Wifi Password? 

Controlling the DJI drones is hugely dependent on the WiFi connection. WiFi makes the connection between the controller and the drone very strong. 

It’s easy to set up and prevents problems like the malfunctioning DJI fly app. But often the users misplace the Wifi Password. Without a password, it’s impossible to control the drone. The best solution to recover the password is to reset the Wifi. 

But the method of resetting the wifi varies with the DJI models. Let’s have a look at these methods.

How to Reset DJI Spark Controller Wifi Password?

Resetting the DJI Spark Controller Wifi Password is very easy. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy guy to be able to do the reset. Only basic knowledge of the DJI drone will be enough to do this task. Let me show you how.

Using DJI Remote Controller:

All DJI drones come with a remote controller. You will find a Power button on the remote controller of the DJI Spark. This button is the key to resetting the password. Press and hold this button. You will hear a beep sound. Press it for twelve seconds.

The beep sound will increase with time. On the 9th second, you will hear an extended sound. This indicates that the Wifi has been reset.

Using Go App:

There is another method for resetting the WiFi password using the Go app. Connect the Spark remote controller with your mobile phone. You can do this with an OTG cable. Then open the DJI Go app and select the WiFi settings.

Tap the WiFi password option or the option with SSID. By tapping on it the current Wifi password will come up on the screen. You can change the password from here. Press Apply once you are done changing the password.

How to Reset DJI Phantom 3 Wifi Password?

Resetting the DJI Phantom 3 Wifi is different from resetting DJI Spark Controller Wifi. However, this method is also easy. Once you find out the system for resetting the Wifi, you can do it without any problem. So let’s get started. 

The controller of the DJI Phantom 3 is to be turned on first. The Phantom 3 controller has a gimbal dial. You have to use this dial for resetting purposes. Turn the dial to the extreme right. You will see two switches on the controller.

DJI Phantom 3
Turn this gimbal dial to the farthest right. Source: DJI Forum

They are marked as S1 and S2. The S2 switch is given for resetting the Wifi. Once you have turned the dial, toggle the S2 switch back and forth. Toggle it at least 3 times. Then a long beep sound will be heard.

Reset DJI Osmo Wifi Password
Source: DJI Forum

This beep means the Wifi has been reset and the default password is 12341234. Now you can easily connect to the Wifi or change the password as you wish.

How to Reset DJI Osmo Wifi Password?

There are two ways of resetting the DJI Osmo Wifi password. You can reset it from the Osmo settings option or the DJI Go app. Both methods are simple. You only have to know about using the Go app to perform the reset.

Through Osmo Settings

First, let us see how to reset through the Osmo settings option. Pull down the Settings option from the top. Look for Accessories in this menu. Once you find the Accessories option. You have to press on the Accessories to go to the next step.

Select Wireless Module from here. You will find your current Wifi Password in it. Use this password or you can reset the Wifi from here.

If it sounds a bit dodgy then you can check out this video for an easy resetting option.

How to Reset DJI Phantom Wifi Password?

The Wifi resetting method for DJI Phantom varies with different Phantom versions. Anyway, I have discussed the technique of resetting the Phantom 3 password above. Now let me show you the methods for Phantom 3 4K and Phantom 4 versions.

Phantom 3 4K Version

Turn on the controller of the Phantom 3 4K. Press the C1, C2, and Camera Settings Wheel buttons together. The Camera Settings Wheel button is located in the top right corner. Leave it upon hearing a beep sound.

Phantom 3 4K Version
Source: DJI Forum

Then toggle the flight mode and switch forward and backward. The spark indicator will turn red and green upon doing so. Continue toggling until the light turns completely green. Once the light is green, the Wifi password has been reset. 

Phantom 4 Version

The method for resetting the Phantom 4 wifi password is almost similar to the Phantom 3. You will have to press the C1, C2, and controller dials altogether. Once you hear a beep sound, leave the buttons and turn on the flight mode.

If the indicator turns green, your task is accomplished. Or else repeat the same procedure. You can also try by holding only the C1 or C2 button. Sometimes this method also works successfully to reset the password. 

These are the required methods for resetting the DJI Wifi Password. The reset method is as simple as solving DJI self-unlock problems. Follow the given steps properly to avoid any hassle.

How to Find The Default Password for DJI Wifi?

After you reset the Wifi Password of your DJI drone, it will go back to the factory setting. That means you have to know the default password to work with it. Often the default password for DJI drones is 12341234. 

However, sometimes the password is different. Look at the bottom of the drone and the controller. You will find the default password and SSID there. Sometimes the information is also present in the user manual. So have a look at it there too.


How do I reset my DJI drone to factory settings? 

You can reset your DJI drone to factory settings by connecting it to a computer. Connect the drone and select settings. Choose the factory reset option for resetting. You can also factory reset by using the DJI Assistant Program. Make sure your firmware is updated to use the Assistant Program. 

Why is my drone not connecting?

Your drone can not connect for various reasons. Make sure that the batteries of your drone are fully charged. Sometimes low batteries hamper setting up a connection. Also, check the frequency of the Wifi. There are many options available. Try another one if the current frequency is not working. 

Why won’t my phone connect to my DJI drone?

Your phone won’t connect to your DJI drone if the system malfunctions. Restart both the drone and the phone. In this way, many glitches are fixed. Then try connecting them. Sometimes the problem is in the DJI app. Make sure the app is updated. You can also uninstall and reinstall the app. 


This is all I have on how to reset DJI wifi password. I hope that now you can solve your issue easily.

Sometimes you might fail to reset the password. Look at the manual of your drone to find more accurate methods. You can also seek help from a professional. 


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