Spektrum DX9 problems

7 Solutions Related To Spektrum DX9 Problems


The DX9 is a fantastic transmitter, however, like other transmitters, it can malfunction. Not all of the users face the same problem, but some of these are very familiar.

How to solve the Spektrum DX9 problems?

In spite of being a great transmitter, the Spektrum DX9 can fail. The problem might be with a wonky transmitter. Brownout is also a very familiar term. You might be fooled with a fake receiver or it might be damaged. The memory chips might be damaged or there might be problems with the calibration.

These are only the gist of the entire problem. But there’s more. Whatever the problems are, we have the solution for them all. 

What’s the wait for? Let’s get started.

7 Common Spektrum DX9 Related Problems And Solution

Spektrum is the most advanced, powerful, and reliable RC System on the market today. However, they are not without their problems just like the problems of Spectrum iX12. Here are some things you can do to hopefully get your Spektrum DX9 working in no time.

Problem 1: Third-party Software Error

The 3rd Party Software programs have issues when it comes to communication. This in turn causes programming issues/problems when using these programs. Both the Vista and Windows 7 operating systems have been found to have these issues.


To solve this problem, update to the newest version of the corresponding software. Download and extract the latest version to your desktop. Open the installation package EXE, then run it. 

If not,  try restoring your Spektrum DX9 back to factory settings.

Problem 2: Corrupted Memory Chips

The Spektrum DX9 receiver might not communicate properly with the TX because of corrupt/stuck firmware. The issue might also be caused because of corrupted memory chips.


The only way to solve the problem is to do a clean install of your receiver. If possible, flash it back to the factory settings.

Problem 3: Receiver Unable to Bind with Transmitter

Sometimes the RX is unable to or fails to bind with the TX. This happens if the binding process falls out. Also, if there are other frequencies in the place, this problem can happen.


This problem can be solved by going through all the binding procedures again. Try using the proper battery. You should check the location of your field. Make sure that no frequencies of radio towers or power lines that could cause radio interference.

Problem 4: Inadequate Voltage

Sometimes the TX is unable to calibrate the receiver after being powered on from a cold start. This is most likely due to there not being enough voltage going to the receiver. Or inadequate voltage reaches the receiver’s voltage regulator. Or it can be a bad receiver itself.


Solving this involves soldering a new 3.7v Zener diode across the RX’s power input pads. Then solder a new wire from where you soldered your ground wire on the RX. Afterward, solder that wire on your ESC battery input pad that is closest to the pads. 

You can test the voltage with a multimeter like checking ESC. If you find that the voltage is not normal, you can take it to a technician.

But if you need a good multimeter for that, here are a few of our recommendations-

Product 1
Product 2

We hope this eases your way to fix this problem.

Problem 5: Brownouts

Brownout occurs when the amount of power provided is insufficient to keep RX running.

On early 2.4 radios, this was a common allegation. These systems are killed by the same reductions. Because they can’t tolerate voltage below their operating thresholds.


These brownouts are caused by a deficient receiver power supply. They have nothing to do with the transmitter.   What we’re talking about is signal loss which can be caused by a transmitter problem. Sending it in is the only option.

Problem 6: Incorrect Calibration Setting

This happens when the Spektrum DX9 RX is unable to calibrate the Spektrum DX7/DX2 RX. This is caused by an incorrect calibration setting


As the problem itself suggests, you have to fix the calibration setting. Floating-point calibration was used on the Spektrum DX7. But it’s not being used on the new receivers. So calibration will have to be done with BCD calibration.

Problem 7: Fake Receiver

Sometimes, the reason why you can’t find an accurate problem is that the RX is fake. There are a lot of fake clones of RX out there. So make sure you buy the original.


Don’t buy cheap RX from unauthentic stores. The prices might attract you but the consequences won’t. 

These were all folks! We hope we could enlighten you with the problems and solutions of the Spektrum DX9. The problems of all Spektrum models are almost the same. You’ll find that the problems of Spektrum DX6e are quite similar.

Things To Keep In Mind

With time you’ll learn how to get the most out of your drone, no matter the situation. While you can look at these tips to keep your DX9 problem-free.

Don’t Drop

Avoid dropping your DX9. Dropping the Spektrum DX9 can result in cracks, scratches, and paint wear. If dropped, this lens could shatter. And it cannot be replaced due to a discontinued design from world-class manufacturers.

Store ar Room Temperature

Keep your SpektrumDX9 out of extreme heat or cold temperatures. Extreme heat or cold can cause distortion in the plastic lens that is on the viewing end.

Use Safety Case While Travelling

Use a protective case when traveling with your Spektrum DX9 to avoid accidental damage! There are many cases that come with a belt clip. It allows you to carry your dx9 easily without any worry about damaging it.

They might seem like obvious things to know about a drone-like Spektrum dx9. But for some reason, they seem harder than they should be. Hopefully, these will help make your next flight both productive and safe!


Question: Is the Spektrum DX9 no longer available?

Answer: Yes, the Spektrum DX9 is discontinued. In fact, the manufacturers have discontinued both the kit and the original silver DX9. The black variant of the DX9 (SPMR9910) is the only one available.

Question: What receivers are compatible with the Spektrum DX9?

Answer: Receivers that employ the DSMX or DSM2 algorithms are compatible with Spektrum transmitters. It is programmed for aircraft, helicopters, and sailplanes and is customized using Spektrum AirWare software.

Question: What is the procedure for updating my Spektrum receiver?

Answer: To get the update, go to “Updates” under the update option. Click “Choose File…” in Spektrum Updater and choose the downloaded file. Alternatively, you may drag and drop the downloaded file into the window. Select “Install.”

Final Words

If you’re here, you must know all about the Spektrum DX9 problems. We hope our instructions can help you to fix it in no time.

One last tip: complete a frequency tuning procedure. It ensures that the radio and receiver will have the strongest possible connection.

If you still have any further inquiries, feel free to ask. We will try our best to find an answer. Till then, best of luck!

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