Traxxas Blast Upgrades

Traxxas Blast Upgrades: Everything Explained


Traxxas Blast is an incredible racing boat that everyone knows. It’s designed very precisely for easy use. Therefore, it has been a top choice for RC enthusiasts for quite a long time. 

That said, Traxxas is a speed monster that’s top-notch in performance as well. But there are some upgrades that are available for this particular boat model. 

And they are designed with very much perfection. Therefore, they can enhance the quality of the boat even more. But before you use the upgraded components it’s necessary to know about the Traxxas Blast upgrades in detail. 

But the process of acquiring more information and developing better insight isn’t easy. It’s quite overwhelming and requires a lot of time. Hence we thought about helping you in this regard. 

We thoroughly researched the upgrades and compared them with the previous versions. Afterward, we added them here alongside a detailed overview of them. So read with us till the end, you won’t regret the time that’s for sure. 

Product Overview

Time to introduce the first upgrade product. So the product name is HPI Racing Motor. As you can understand from the name, this is an extremely powerful motor that makes your boat perfect for racing. But, they could claim a lot of things.

So, the first feature that makes this product a good addition to your boat is its ability to provide a better run. This is very nicely made and thoroughly designed for racing purposes.

Therefore, it can ensure that you are getting reliable and smooth racing. Moreover, this can provide a better speed, so using it will obviously make you better off. 

Furthermore, the product quality also deserves a huge shoutout. The motor is extremely well built. It has a lower number of turns and more power to offer. So, you won’t get the chance to complain about its product quality. 

As the product is made of strong materials, it is extremely durable as well as strong. So, if you purchase this product, it is going to serve you well for quite a long time. 

Also, this perfectly fits inside cars and trucks as well. So the versatility of this product is really appreciable. Lastly, it is very easy to maintain and repair. So, choosing it is absolutely wise in our opinion. 


  • Extremely strong and durable
  • The product is designed for providing better performance 
  • Offers better speed and smooth reliable run
  • It’s versatile therefore you can use it in trucks and cars as well 
  • Immensely easy to maintain and repair


  • The internal fan is a bit fragile. Some advancement here would be good.

Product Overview

Our first product was designed to provide an enhanced speed and smooth run. But extreme speed isn’t always good. At times, a better speed control is also necessary. 

So, the second product on our list is designed for speed control. Its name is Traxxas Electronic Speed Control. As this product comes from the same brand of the Traxxas Blast, they fit well. 

Also, this product is extremely solid. Here, it comes with a well-written manual. So you’ll get everything there so no chance of facing any issues regarding the installation. Moreover, it’s absolutely easy to use, which is definitely a plus point. 

This speed control is compatible with a Lithium Polymer battery (LiPo). And has fully proportional forward, reverse, and braking control. But this can also work with NiMH and NiCd. 

Furthermore, it has thermal shutdown protection. Therefore, it can handle extreme heat conditions pretty well, without leading to severe consequences. The high-capacity heat sink is efficient enough to do this work perfectly. 

Lastly, the product quality is good too. Hence, it’s long-lasting and absolutely worth the price. You can get it without breaking the bank. And the service will be worth every penny spent on it. 

So as a whole, this product is good at its service and affordable enough. You can definitely give this a try if you’re thinking about adding speed control with your Traxxas Blast. 

Also, the durability and efficiency of this product adds more value to it. Hence, we find this a very useful product that is worth the try. Just keep the pros and cons in your mind while you’re considering it.  


  • Very easy to use and comes with a proper manual
  • The cost is affordable 
  • The service is extremely good especially compared to its price
  • Extremely durable so lasts long 
  • Has thermal shutdown protection which is really helpful 


  • The actual product looks quite different from the pictures. 

Product Overview

Before we introduce the third upgrade product that we have on our list, we need to explain what it does. Our third product is trim tabs and turn fins. 

As many of you might not be quite familiar with this, so let us be more explaining here. So, trim tabs and turn fins are two components that can improve the boost performance. 

These parts basically adjust the running angle of the vessel of your boat. As a result, the boat gets faster and the overall efficiency improves. The PerfectPlaza CNC Trim Tabs that we have listed here are no different. 

This is an extremely well-designed and useful part. They are not important for usual boat riding. But if your inflatable has to be run wide open to stay on the plane, it would be better to have this component. 

So, firstly, this product is great in quality. Adding this to your boat will help to counteract the effects of torque. Therefore, it will give your boat an additional lift. 

Moreover, this is durable enough. So investing in it will definitely make your purchase worthwhile. It will make your boat ride even more comfortable. So, investing in it won’t seem unnecessary when you’ll get the benefit. 

Also, the product comes with all sorts of mounting screws and bolts. So you won’t have to face much trouble regarding the installation. Hence, we would suggest that you can definitely give this product a try. 


  • Very good in quality 
  • Made of good material
  • Comes with necessary screws and components 
  • Enhances the quality of your boat performance
  • Durable 


  • Overall product built quality can be improved. 

Why Is Traxxas Blast So Famous? 

Traxxas is an amazing brand for RC vehicles that we all know. But Traxxas Blast is also a very prominent RC boat and hobbyists simply love it. It is quite natural to wonder why is so famous. 

Well, Traxxas Blast is extremely well designed and high-performing. Most importantly, it’s very easy to navigate. This ease of use certainly makes it very popular among users. 

Also, unlike other famous and renowned boats, its price range is very reasonable. There’s no way of complaining about its price given the quality of service it provides.

So, considering the performance and the design, this boat is famous among RC enthusiasts. Therefore, its upgrades are frequently needed and asked about just like that of Redcat Blackout XTE.

Are Waterproof Electronics Better & More Preferable For Traxxas Blast?

Waterproof electronics are obviously better than normal ones. And therefore, they are much more preferable for Traxxas Blast.

Due to the waterproof high torque servo and watertight receiver box, the boating experience becomes more enhanced. The radio gear doesn’t get wet very easily and the lake time lasts longer than usual. 

Hence Traxxas Blast with waterproof electronics becomes more fun to navigate. It provides so much fun and reliability within the budget that it really seems amazing. Therefore, this type of electronics is always more preferable. 

Which Upgrades Can Make RC Boats Faster? 

We have already talked about some of the upgrades about a specific RC boat Traxxas Blast. But all of the upgrades were not about speed and acceleration. 

If you’re really into speed and want to make your RC boat even faster, then there are some specific upgrades for that. Here we have listed some of them that can make the boat faster- 

The first thing that can increase your boat speed is a propeller. Even though choosing the right propeller can be a bit of a hassle from time to time. But using a propeller can be really helpful as well. 

Some people think that a higher pitch propeller can always increase the speed. But that’s not always true. There is a certain limit after which the increase in pitch can decrease the acceleration. 

Next up comes the rear spoiler. This is also very helpful for speed enhancement. This increases the downforce on the boat at a higher speed. Therefore the boat becomes faster. 

Moreover, a water cooling system and using a more powerful battery can also help. So, if you’re opting for higher speed and a faster boat, these upgrades might come to your help. 


Question: Can the Traxxas blast go in saltwater?

Answer: Yeah, the Traxxas blast can go in saltwater and operate just fine. But it’s not suggested at all to drive it on saltwater. Traxxas strongly recommends not letting the blast run on saltwater. Because it has higher chances of corrosion. And corrosive damage can really be severe damage to your boat’s health. 

Question: Does the Traxxas Blast self righting?

Answer: Yes, the Traxxas Blast is self righting. This is extremely helpful in many regards. This self righting feature the boat flips back over in a matter of seconds by activating the throttle.

Question: Does Traxxas Blast have the reverse?

Answer: Actually Traxxas Blast doesn’t have a reverse. Yeah, this is quite surprising but a very good idea. Because going too fast in reverse could cause the Blast to become flooded. Therefore, not having this feature is actually a very praiseworthy thing. 

Question: How fast does the Traxxas Blast go?

Answer: Traxxas Blast is a versatile boat with an excellent range of speed. It can run really fast and well. It can provide up to 50+ MPH speed. So you are going to get a very reliable and enhanced speed from this boat. 

Question: Will a bigger prop make my RC boat faster?

Answer: The answer is yes and no at the same time. Propellers that have higher pitches are good for enhanced speed. They can increase the acceleration. But at the same time, increasing the pitch of the propeller too much can cause the speed to slow down. Due to the excessive pitch, the acceleration will eventually fall. 

To Sum Up

So, we are done here. It’s time to move forward and say goodbye. But parting our ways, we hope that you’ve got a thorough idea about Traxxas blast upgrades.

By this time, you should have got enough overview about the upgrades that we talked about. So, just pick the upgrades that you think you would love to have on your Traxxas blast. 

And then have a very thrilling journey. Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy a very enhanced boating experience. Our good wishes to you. Stay safe and healthy.

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