Best Lipo Battery for Traxxas Slash

Best Lipo Battery for Traxxas Slash: Get Long-Lasting Performance!

Now, the global market is over-flooded with RC truck batteries. You might get confused about choosing the best Lipo Battery for Traxxas Slash from those thousands of options offering similar price tags. To help you out here I have tested almost 15 batteries and picked these few for their sheer brilliance.

Top 3 Picks






Traxxas 2872 3S Lipo Battery


11.1 V

PowerHobby 3S Lipo Battery

5200 mAh

11.1 V

HRB Professional 3S LiPo Battery


11.1 V

Ovonic 2s Lipo Battery

5200 mAh

7.4 V

HOOVO 2s Lipo Battery

5200 mAh

7.4 V

More About the Products

I’ve personally handpicked them so that you don’t have to go through a line of batteries to find out the perfect one for you. So here it goes!

Traxxas 2872 3S Lipo Battery

The most compatible LiPo battery for Traxxas Slash with a long-lasting run time of 35-45 minutes

Traxxas 2872 3S is the first product we chose for the Traxxas Slash RC truck. Kudos to this brand for making amazing batteries for the last couple of years.

Here, the Traxxas Certified LiPo provides the punchy raw power to achieve the top speeds that Traxxas trucks are built to deliver. This raw power mainly makes them one of the best Traxxas batteries there is.

This particular model of Lipo Battery has a decent overall performance. As it is made by the same manufacturing company, it has better sync with the Traxxas trucks. So yeah, it even performs smoothly with the truck.

Now, Let’s look at the spec sheet. It has a capacity of 5000 mAh. That’s not the highest on our list but having a massive voltage of 11.1 V puts it in a very good position. 

That means you will experience the raw power coming out from your RC truck which is a very promising factor.

Then we move forward to the wiring system. It has a balanced wire connection. 

Apart from that, the battery has 3 cells and a continuous discharge rate of 25C.  This is quite decent, in our eyes! And because of this, the RC Traxxas Slash Truck will be able to run quite long on the Track.

All of these qualities also make it one of the best LiPo batteries for RC cars, no matter what the brand is. The sheer raw power makes it stand out in the market with a run time of almost 35-40 minutes.

It costs around $70-80 if you wanna get your hands on these bad boys. Even though the price is a bit higher compared to other batteries on this list I consider this as the best 3s lipo battery for Traxxas slash 4×4.

Moreover, this battery weighs only 12.3 ounces. So it won’t increase the total weight of the Truck. In reality, this is really a lower weight for your truck to handle. This, no added weight will pull your truck back when you’re thinking of accelerating.


  • Offers 35-40 min of run time which is enough for RC race day finals
  • Can be used with most of The Traxxas RC trucks 
  • Durable and Long Lasting 
  • Weighs only 12.3 oz which is very light in comparison to others


  • Not good for a lower-speed run like drag races
  • Battery capacity is a bit lower compared to other batteries on this list

PowerHobby 3S Lipo Battery

This battery can be hailed as the best of both worlds as it’s perfect for on-road or off-road tracks due to the 50C continuous and 100C burst discharge rate.

Product Overview

Secondly, we have the PowerHobby 3S battery for Traxxas slash. This one is also suitable for Traxxas Slash RC trucks. But why is it worth the purchase? Let’s find out what it has to offer-

Powerhobby Pro Series lipo batteries are capable of high power and have a very long run time for your RC models. Firstly, the incredible rate of 50C continuous /100C burst enhances every type of driving you’re into. Be it off-road or on race tracks- it gives an immersive experience. 

On the other hand, these batteries are made of superior Lithium Polymer materials. Also, it has an advanced stacking technology that enables a single cell capacity to reach 5200mAh

But, unlike the previous one, this one has an amazing battery capacity of 5200 mAh. The extra 200 mAh of capacity gives you a decent run time for your Traxxas Slash. However, the fast discharge rate makes Traxxas slash run time a bit less than the previous one.

Apart from this, the battery has 3 cells connected in series. So all of the three batteries’ voltages add together and provide the battery with a voltage level of 11.1 V. Additionally, it comes with a male-to-female adapter.

Designed for the people who love to push their brushless 1/10 & 1/8 scale vehicles to their limit.  This 3S battery lets you push your RC Truck full power system. In fact, the power outburst makes the PowerHobby 3S LiPo battery the best lipo battery for Traxxas slash 2wd.

One issue of this model is that it costs a fortune. In fact, this is the most expensive LiPo battery on this list.

Other than that, it weighs around 12.7 ounces. A little heavy compared to the previous model. So, you won’t enjoy the benefits of having a lighter weight. It does matter a bit. But, we won’t call it a deciding factor. 


  • Has a decent run time of 25-30 min
  • Comes with male to female adapter
  • Has a higher discharging performance
  • 5200 mAh battery capacity makes it a formidable choice for long run


  • Not as fast as others.
  • The most expensive battery on this list
  • Higher discharging rate so needs to be charged often

HRB Professional 3S LiPo Battery

Compatible with many RC vehicles such as Traxxas Slash, ARRMA Talion 6S BLX, ARRMA Senton BLX, ARRMA Typhon 6S BLX.

Third place in our tier list has been taken by the HRB 3s Lipo battery. This is another battery that pairs up with the Traxxas slash pretty well. But why would you consider buying it? 

Compared to the last 2 products you can tell that this is a combination of both of those two in terms of the spec sheet. This battery has a 5000 mAh capacity with a power of 11.1V. And, it has 3 cells packed together.

Here, the HRB 5000 mAh capacity battery has a maximum voltage of 4.2 V per cell producing a maximum voltage of 12.6 V. This offers you adequate power and a longer run time for your RC Truck. 

The 100c burst rate provides you power for quick acceleration.

The continuous discharge rate is 50C followed by 5000 mAh capacity. This means that it won’t be able to handle a lot of amperes being fed into it. So, as long as you don’t overcharge the battery they will not quit on you.

Coming to its other advantage, it has a 10 AWG Soft and Flexible Low Resistance Silicone Wire. This offers better durability and higher longevity. 

Besides this, HRB 3S is compatible with Traxxas Slash ARRMA Talion 6S BLX, ARRMA Senton BLX, ARRMA Typhon 6S BLX.

In short, the life of this battery is pretty exceptional. They do tend to last long and can make your RC Truck run fast while giving you enough power to trail on off-road tracks. 


  • 100c burst rate makes the RC Truck run fast
  • The Silicone wire makes them long-lasting
  • Compatible with most of the RC Trucks
  • Has a high Discharge rate that’s suitable for off-road racing


  • Batteries are not balanced when it comes to charging.
  • Prone to overcharging

Ovonic 3S LiPo Battery

This is the lightest (9.1 Oz) LiPo battery and provides the best cycle life (350+) on this list.

Another Lithium-ion Polymer battery we have on the tier list is the Ovonic 2S battery. This is another battery with a higher capacity. But that’s not all this battery has in store for you. So, what more does it offer?

After using these batteries, RC enthusiasts have praised their high performance and perfect price. Within the offered price, this provides quite the quality. So, the price-quality ratio is quite high. Let’s take a look at the spec sheet- 

Here, the Ovonic battery provides a 5000 mAh capacity with a 7.4V voltage range. This battery offers a lot of power. That means you will be able to run your RC Truck quite well.

So, this battery will be able to ensure that your RC Truck has a higher run time. Plus, this battery has 2 cells per Cell voltage: 3.7~4.2V whose voltage combines to 7.4 V. And, the discharge rate is 50 C with a plug that is a Dean style T connector. 

Moving on, the battery weighs only about 9.1 ounces. For this, you get to make your Traxxas Slash Truck run at a high speed. 

The battery comes with a hard case that makes them durable and helps to protect the cells. For a 50c battery, this product provides quite the performance and power.

So this battery is packed with features you can’t overlook, despite having a lower voltage it is one of a kind in the LiPo battery category. 


  • It has a life cycle of 350+
  • It’s adequately powerful for 7.4V voltage
  • Offers a decent performance due to 50C discharge rate
  • Comes with a durable hard case
  • Lightest option as it weighs only 9.1 oz


  • It has a lower power delivery
  • A very slow discharge rate might make it a bit slow

HOOVO 2S Lipo Battery

The fastest Traxxas Slash LiPo battery that achieves the highest top speed due to a higher discharge rate (70C).

Next, we have the HOOVO 2S Lithium-ion Polymer Battery which I consider as the best 2s lipo for Traxxas slash. Its main selling point is that it’s dirt cheap. It will cost you around $30-32 which is 1/3rd of the PowerHobby 3S Lipo Battery.

Like the other batteries, this one has a capacity of 5200 mAh. Hence, you’ll be getting a decent run time and speed rating. You don’t have to worry about your Traxxas slash run time on this battery as it is shown enough on paper. 

HOOVO 2s battery has a higher capacity too. It has up to 200Wh/kg energy density. So the extra provides an opportunity for more fun. However, even though the capacity is 5200mAh its runtime is not that great due to the high discharge rate.

The battery itself has a decent power voltage output of 7.4 V like its previous competitor. So you don’t need to worry about the power delivery of the truck. It’s decent enough to run through those rocky off-road tracks. 

The most tremendous thing is this battery comes with a high discharge rate of 70 C which is insane. 

However, the 70 C discharge rate is very high. And because of that, you will be able to charge the battery without having to worry about it catching fire. That is because it is able to tolerate a high level of amps. 

But don’t put this battery near high-temperature objects. They might melt or catch fire. So, overall this battery offers good value for your Traxxas Slash RC Truck. 


  • Has a steady discharge curve.
  • It has a longer life cycle
  • The higher discharge rate to reach the top speed of around 36.4 mph


  • Catches fire when near hot objects
  • Has lower runtime around 8-10 minutes only

Buying Guide

Alright, we have seen five products that are the best batteries for Traxxas Slash trucks available out there on the market. But how will you know which one is the most suitable product for you?

Okay, the way is simple. Let’s go through the basics of LiPo batteries

You’ll see, that this segment will help you make the perfect decision.

Battery Capacity

When deciding on the battery for the Traxxas Slash, the most important feature that you might have to check before buying is the battery capacity. This is also a necessary differentiating feature if you’re choosing between lipo and graphene

Well, capacity is something you need to check no matter what battery you’re going for. This doesn’t only apply to RC Trucks. Now, what is capacity?

Well, think of it as something like the fuel of a tank. It is measured in milliamps (MA). The higher the capacity of the battery, the longer the device will run. Thus, you want a battery with a higher capacity.

For instance, if you have the option of choosing between a battery with 6,200 mAh and 1600 mAh, choose the 6200 mAh. 

Battery Voltage (V)

Another key feature of a battery is voltage. This is measured in volts or V. The voltage of the battery tells you how much raw power your RC truck is gonna produce. So, when it comes to voltage choose a higher one.

That’s because the higher the voltage, the faster your car will run. So, whenever you go out on a race with your RC car, it will go faster. 

But the voltage of the battery depends on the number of cells you have on your battery. A battery with a higher number of cells will have a higher voltage.

So, when a battery has two or more cells attached together their voltage gets added. Meaning if there are two cells in a battery their voltage will be added together.

Charging Time

Traxxas trucks use Lipo batteries, they need to be recharged on a daily basis. So, try to ensure that the charging time for the battery is as low as possible. That will ensure that the battery gets charged really quickly.

So, how long does it take to charge lipo battery?

A LiPo battery of 11.1V and 5000 mAh takes up to 2-3 hours to charge entirely. However, it depends on the charging mode and the charger as well. It’ll take more time to charge if the voltage and capacity are higher.

This way, you won’t have to spend a long time behind this. It will be over in a jiffy and you will be able to get on racing the RC car again. Besides, who likes to wait, right?

The Lifespan of The Battery

Now, let’s focus on the lifespan of the battery. It is natural you would want a battery to serve you a long time. So it is a must to check the lifespan of a battery. This way you can ensure the best battery. 

A lithium-ion Polymer battery lasts up to 150-200 charging cycles on average. However, some of the batteries might end up having 300+ cycles in them.


Durability is an important factor when choosing a LiPo battery for the Traxxas slash. As it is an off-road RC car it will often fall or get splashed in the water. So, are lipo batteries waterproof?

YES, LiPo batteries are 100 percent waterproof. It comes in an airtight outer body through which neither air nor water can penetrate. this makes them usable in different kinds of terrain and weather.

However, if you’re paranoid about the waterproofness then you can use automotive-grade silicone sealant to make the LiPo batteries waterproof. Make sure you apply the sealant thoroughly over the seam of the outer body. and the joints of the wirings.


How to Charge a LiPo Battery with a Traxxas Charger?

Plug in the balance plug of your Lipo battery on your Traxxas Ez-Peak Charger. Then hold the start button and the charge rate select button together for two seconds. Now select the charging rate and the charging mode. Finally, press the charge button and it’ll charge.

Why does LiPo Battery Swell?

When LiPo batteries decompose they tend to release Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Carbon monoxide (CO). The swelling of LiPo batteries is caused by this gas production.

How to Tell if LiPo Battery is Bad?

Check if your LiPo battery is swollen or has any physical damage on it. This will indicate that it’s deteriorating. You can also check the IR (Internal Resistance) this will indicate how efficient the battery is. A higher IR value will indicate a lower efficiency.

To Sum Up

Well, that’s all for the best Lipo battery for Traxxas Slash. Don’t forget to study the things discussed in the buying guide.

The more you will know the best battery you will be able to pick for your truck.

We think we have covered everything you’ll need to know before buying the best battery for your RC and gave enough info to help you make a decision.

Good Luck!

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