Traxxas Receiver Not Turning On

Traxxas Receiver Not Turning On: Issues And Solutions!

People use a Traxxas receiver in their vehicle because it gives real-time telemetry data while driving. It’s helpful to examine your vehicle. 

All of a sudden your Traxxas receiver is not turning on? Are you screaming because you don’t know the solutions? I also felt like biting my nails when I wasn’t conscious of the fix.

Want to know the fixes why Traxxas receiver not turning on? 

The battery problem is one of the main issues that your Traxxas receiver not turning on. First, you have to confirm that you placed the battery correctly. If this works fine you can check ESC. Check the ESC 3-wire cables are connected to your receiver. Now investigate the transmitter. 

Are you thinking that you know all the aspects? This is just a gist. There’re many things in the Traxxas receiver. 

Let’s start!

Traxxas Receiver Not Turning On 

When transceivers fail to work, it’s never simpler. We must thoroughly examine them in identifying the causes of the issue. To figure out how to solve the problem, follow the procedure below. 

Battery Inspection

The batteries may occasionally protect your Traxxas receivers from binding. It’s indispensable to demonstrate to see if there are any problems.


Verify that the batteries are positioned correctly. Even one wrongly inserted battery can cause trouble. Inspect the batteries for corrosion if your Traxxas has been sitting unoccupied for a while.


If the machines aren’t used for a while, it’s an excellent decision to detach the batteries. 

You can get a better and longer battery life for your Traxxas receiver. You can stretch the battery’s life in this manner. Remove and replace the RC and the Traxxas transmitter battery.

Here are our top picks for Traxxas batteries:

Examining The ESC

Often, you’ll notice that the receiver isn’t binding because the Traxxas ESC is faulty and it’s not turning on


Investigate that the ESC 3-wire cables are associated with your receiver. In some situations, the ESC isn’t even linked to the receiver. 

If this is the situation, you must attach the ESC to the receiver. Please assess your ESC after that. Inspect if the receiver is again bound after appropriately linking the 2. 

Traxxas adjustable speed controls include superior resistance and a low voltage cut-off to safeguard LiPo batteries, which can be affected if their voltage falls too low. 

During using NiMH batteries, your ESC’s status light should be solid red. If you’re using LiPo batteries, the status bar should be green, implying that the low-voltage coverage is turned on. 

If you deliberately use a NiMH battery with the low-voltage feature enabled. Your car will most likely only run for a few seconds before the ESC status light blinks red

Sometimes you may need to reprogram the ESC to run properly

Servo Inspection

It’s feasible that the problem isn’t related to the radio system. However, one or more of your servos. Is your Remote Control only welcoming to some of the commands from the transponder? 

Then your servos are in trouble. The best way to go would be to evaluate them with a good servo tester.


Check the servos with good quality servo testers that are directly attached to the receiver. You can even attempt putting it into a receiver that you know functions. 

Here are our favorite servo testers on the market as of now:

  • The servo tester from HiLetgo is affordable and gets the job done quite well. 
  • For a bit more extra money you can get the ICQUANZX Servo Tester for a versatile and long-lasting servo tester. 

If it’s still not operating, you’ll have to troubleshoot the servos. There’s a probability you’ll need to resolder the servo cables into the circuit board. 

If this task is too grinding for you, communicate with a professional.

Investigating the Transmitter

The critical concern could be with the transmitter itself. It will need to be identified to ensure that everything is in order.


Did you turn on the transmitter? Most people forget to complete this essential step. Prior to actually attaching the battery pack, convert on the radio. After installing a fully loaded battery, start the vehicle.

Do you have another Traxxas that functions on the same frequency as the transmitter? Evaluate it with the other vehicle. You’ll then be able to pinpoint which is causing these problems.

Is your transmitter in communication with the other RC? The main problem is with your receiver. One potential explanation is that it is too similar to the transmitter. 

Try to put some pause between the two. You’ll get a better reception this way, and the receiver might just attach.

Identifying Frequency Issues

Frequencies and receivers don’t always complement each other. You must guarantee that they are on the correct page. Did you buy the car and the RC separately? 


The frequency crystal in the RC’s receiver may differ from the crystal in the transmitter.


It’s a knowledgeable alternative to double-check to see if there was an error. Inadvertently, the improper transmitters are often placed in the box. If not, investigate if the receiver and transmitter are on the same wavelength.

Traxxas vehicles operate at a specific frequency of 27 MHz. Are you driving a car with configurable bands? Make validate the car and the receiver are on the same frequency.

Detecting Antenna Problems

Antennas are critical. The signal travels between the RC and the transmitter via them. If you’re curious to know if you can connect any receiver to any transmitter. 

The answer is yes. When transmitting, however, you must be able to alter the antenna.

Antenna repeaters are readily available. They will carry out the transition instantaneously for you.

All traxxas cars come with antennas, receivers, servo etc. If damage occurs in this antenna then your traxxas receiver may not turn on.


If your transmitter has a telescopic antenna, ensure it is fully extended. Examine the fit of your Traxxas’s receiving antenna.

Examine the antennas to ensure they are not twisted or broken. Or if they aren’t in continuity with any of the metal components in your vehicle.

Worn Motor

Electric motors must be replaced on a regular basis. 


Remove the brushed motor and attach it straight to a battery to test it. If the motor rotates gradually or not at all, it should be replaced. 

Some top-notch brushed motors are suggested for you.

All these are easy to find. 

If the motor is turning speedily, the trouble is with the ESC or radio system. 

Brushless motors aren’t required for this step. So, you won’t have the hard time of choosing between 3650, 3660, and 3670 brushless motors.

Axle Drive Pins Absent

Configure the axle drive pins and fasten the wheel nuts.

Spur Gear Weak Or Broken

When the engine is revved up, a weak or separated spur gear prevents the truck from shifting. Observe to notice if the slipper clutch is unsteady and spilling exceedingly. See also Spur Gear Upkeep.

Pinion gear is slipping.

Fasten the set bolt on the motor pinion and validate it’s not delicate.

That’s all!


What is the trouble with my Traxxas Charger?

Your Traxxas battery is most probably not charging because it has become overcharged. It may also be unable to charge due to a defective battery charger, defective contacts, or a cracked device.

How can I tell if my Traxxas battery is faulty?

The simplest way to tell if your Traxxas RC car battery is poor is to remove it and inspect it. If the battery is inflamed in any way, it is faulty and should be dismissed immediately.

Is it possible to connect any transceiver to any recipient?

A transceiver can be used with any other receiver. However, you must be able to transpose the antenna when spreading. There are antenna repeaters for this intent that will change the system for you instantly. The transmitter’s strength would easily erode your recipient.

Last Note

Now you know the whole picture about why your Traxxas receiver not turning on. I believe you understand all of the oversight now. 

It’s to your greatest advantage to listen to the instructions we gave you.

Good luck with your Traxxas receiver!

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