Best ESC For RC Cars

Best ESC for RC Cars: Complete Buyer’s Guide

Imagine that you command your RC car to turn a corner and it rolls over and crashes. The daunting sound of your favorite car crashing can be quite scary. And that’s exactly what happens if you don’t buy the best ESC for RC cars.

That is because you don’t get control over the RC cars themselves. So, you end up facing a disaster. But that won’t happen if you buy the right ESC.

But with so many factors to look into and so many details to focus on you might get confused about the best ones. That is why we compiled a list of the elite 5 ESC in the market.

And we will show you why they are the top-tiers of the market. Plus, we even threw in a buying guide. That will help you understand what you’ll needthey to buy and what you don’t.

Now, we are excited to go through this topic. So, let’s begin if you’re ready.

Comparison Table



Compatible Motors

Output Current


RC Electronics 60A Brushless Motor ESC

Brushless Motors

60 A

Xiangtat HobbyWing ESC

Brushless Motors

120 A

Fullfun RC Brushed ESC

Brushless Motors

45 A

GoolRC Waterproof Electric Speed Controller

Brushless Motors

80 A

ZTW 20A ESC Brushless

Brushless Motors

20 A

RC Electronics 60A Brushless Motor ESC

Product Overview

First and foremost, we have the winner of our very own list. And this is the RC Electronics 60A RC Brushless Motor ESC. Yes-yes, we did crown it the king of the ESC for RC cars. But, there are valid reasons behind them. Check them out with us-

We will like to start by stating the obvious here. This ESC is suitable for brushless motors. So, you will get great power and efficiency from it. However, it does limit the usage of brushless motors. Thus, you can use it if your motor is brushless.

You see, this ESC is quite powerful. Thus, your car will be able to get the right maneuvering at the right time. Plus, they won’t overheat as most of the ESC does. Hence, the RC car won’t face any internal problems thanks to this ESC.

Moreover, you can program the RC car yourself. But for that,  you do need a program card. The sad news is that they don’t come with the ESC. So, you will have to make the effort and buy the programming card from outside.

But the best thing is that its wires come pre-soldered. So, you don’t have to bother about fixing the wires. We know how confusing that task can be so you can rest assured. They will be done for you.

Apart from that, the ESC is powered by LiPo and NiMH batteries. The Lipo battery has 5 cells and the NiMH has 12 cells. Together they provide 6.4 V – 16.8 V power. This is pretty decent for any RC car.

Moreover, the RC Electronics 60A RC Brushless Motor ESC is quite protected. You see, this ESC is even low battery protected. So, the battery won’t suffer much damage even if the battery reading is low.

Plus, the ESC has start throttle protection. And because of that, you get to ensure that you have full control over creating a closed-loop control system to ensure that the throttle is open to the correct position.

On top of all these, it also ensures that there is no signal loss. Hence, the ESC will act just in time to ensure that your RC car doesn’t roll over and crash into something.

Furthermore, the MOSFETs present inside this ESC are quite small in comparison. And due to that, the overall weight of the ESC drops. Hence, it doesn’t add extra weight to the RC allowing it to move quite easily. Meaning no extra load.


  • Will ensure control during a crisis
  • Can be programmed to your own liking
  • You won’t have to solder the wires
  • Ensures the correct placement of the throttle
  • The batteries are well protected


  • Doesn’t have variable diameter size of bullet connector

Xiangtat HobbyWing ESC

Product Overview

Secondly, we have the Xiangtat HobbyWing ESC. This is a great ESC that came close to being the winner. But hey, only one item can take the title of the winner home, right?

This is still awesome, however. So do check it out-

Before we dive too deep into the segment you should note that this ESC is suitable for all 1/10 1/12 RC Cars. So, no matter the model of your RC car as long as it’s one of these two model sizes, it should be alright to use.

Moreover, you can also use it for drifting cars or take it out on daily practice. Either way, this ESC will serve top-level performance, at least in our eyes.

However, the best part about this ESC is that its output current is quite high. In fact, it is 120 A. It is actually the highest out of all the products on our list. That means your ESC will be less stressed and will run cooler.

Moreover, there is a built-in ESC button. So, if you need to escape any game then just press the button. You know, one button will ensure that everything goes back to factory settings.

Thus, if you change the setting by using a programming card this will set it back to normal. Hence, there is no need to worry.

Other than this, the size of this ESC is pretty small. So, they fit almost everywhere.


  • It won’t get too stressed out
  • It runs cooler
  • Can fit in small spaces
  • Has a one-fix solution


  • Difficult to program with a programming card

Fullfun RC Brushed ESC


Product Overview

In third place, we have the Fullfun RC Brushed ESC. Yes, it is full of fun. But how fun will it be to actually work with this particular ESC. Well, there is only one sure way of finding out. Yep, you got it. Let’s read about it a bit.

To start off, we’ll like to point out that this is the only ESC that is supported by brushed motors. Hence, if you have a brushed motor from beforehand then do consider buying this ESC to work with it.

However, to be more specific, this ESC will work with RC models which are of 1/10 scale and have brushed motors. So, your options are very limited. And to make things worse, they don’t actually work with CoolRC TG3 radio.

This is because of radio problems. However, if your RC car fits within this small range then do go for it. By the way, they work for all 1/10 RC cars, trucks, buggies, and trackers.

Plus, this particular ESC is waterproof. So, even if water does find a way to slide to the inside part, it won’t be able to destroy the ESC. Hence, even if you run the RC cars on puddles you can still rest assured that the ESC will stop any disasters from happening.

Furthermore, there are two different modes with this ESC. One is the practice mode and the other one is the trace mode. So, if you’re a beginner, you can use the practice mode to have a steady hand over the whole thing.

And once you learn it you can put the ESC to its real use. And use it to run over different surfaces and see it do its magic.


  • Works with brushed motors
  • Won’t be affected by water
  • You can use it to practice
  • Prevents dust from entering the inside parts


  • Options are a bit limited

GoolRC Waterproof Electric Speed Controller


Product Overview

Moving on, we have the RC Running 80A Brushless ESC. This is yet another brushless ESC that we have for you today. 

Yes, we do like brushless ones a bit more because they are indeed more powerful and efficient. But this one does offer a lot more than that. Check it out with us-

To be honest, the best thing about this product is its programmable features. It can be easily programmed by the program card. And to add to this, the program card is actually pocket-sized.

Moreover, the RC Running 80A brushless ESC is exclusively designed for RC cars. Why?

Well, it has a start-up, acceleration, and linearity feature. All this stuff is a great addition to the RC cars.

On top of this, the ESC has a low voltage cut-off. So, if the voltage ever drops dangerously low the ESC will ensure that the motor stops working. Hence, it will ensure the safety of the RC car. And it won’t crash.


  • Doesn’t overheat
  • Runs smoothly on RC cars
  • Can be easily programmed
  • Can handle a large amount of current


  • The power switch is small

ZTW 20A ESC Brushless

Product Overview

Last but least, we have the ZTW 20A ESC RC. Yeah, we know that the heading does mention airplanes. But don’t worry it works great with RC cars too. And here’s why-

One thing is for sure. This ESC is quite well protected. You see, it has a low voltage cut-off protection, signal loss protection, and overheat protection. So, if the voltage is ever too low the ESC will automatically stop accepting voltage.

Moreover, because of signal loss protection, ESC won’t consume much power from the motor when the throttle signal is lost for 1 second. However, if it doesn’t get a signal for more than 2 seconds then it will stop both throttle and the motor.

Plus, there won’t be any overheating issues. This ESC will make sure of that. Moreover, you can change the programs by using a programming card. So, because of this, you can alter the settings to your likings.

On top of this, this ESC is quite precise in nature. So, whenever it detects that the RC car is in danger of rolling over, it quickly reacts! And, it’ll correct the orientation before the RC car tumbles over.


  • Automatically stops the motor when it doesn’t respond
  • Don’t overheat the RC car
  • Allows great precision
  • Cuts off when voltage drops


  • Doesn’t work too well without the programming card
  • Will suffer a bit of stress

Buying Guide

When settling for an ESC, a few factors must be considered. Otherwise, you might not be able to use the ESC for your RC cars. Afterward, you will have to go through the trouble of returning the product.

But in the worst-case scenario, you will have to buy a completely new ESC. That is because some of the stores out there don’t really accept returns.

So, to ensure you don’t get stuck in that pickle we have come up with a list of features to be alert about. Now, if you do know them we would still request you to go along with us. That’s because you never know what you might miss out on.

As for the newbies, let’s start the guide-

Compatibility With The RC Cars

The first and foremost thing to be aware of is the size of the ESC. You see, electronic stability control comes in various sizes. That is because they are designed for different RC cars.

For instance, some are designed only for 1/10 RC models. Whereas the other ones are equipped for only specific models of the RCs. Hence, you need to check whether the ESC fits your RC car or not.

Suitable Motors to Pair With

After ensuring stuff with the RC itself you also need to focus on the motors of the RC. That is because they work hand-in-hand. And the ESC that you end up buying also needs to work with the motor you have.

Now, in general, there are two types of motos. One is the brushed motor and the other one is the brushless motor. And each of these motors has its own motor that works for them.

So, if you have a brushed motor then go for the ESC that is built for them. Otherwise, you can settle with a brushless motor, provided that the motor itself is brushless.

Honestly, if you want our opinion then we would suggest you go with brushless ESCs. They are more powerful and overall very efficient in nature.

Whereas the brushed ones are a little less effective in nature. But they surely are budget-friendly. But hey, it’s not your call, right?

You simply have to go along with the motor that you have. So, do check your motor when you buy the ESC.

Motor Limitations

Speaking of the motor, you also have to look into the motor’s limitations. You see, each motor has its own limitation.

Some are, let’s say, limited to only 8 turns. So, you will have to buy an ESC that works with motors that have 8 turns or less. Going over the limit will cost you, remember that.

Other times, the limits are given in kV. So, do ensure that the motor’s limit is higher than what the ESC works with. If the levels are safe, it will be ok to use.

Battery Specifications

One more thing to look into is the battery specifications. Typically the ESCs have a few batteries in them. They can be Lipo or NiMH. No matter what they are, they will definitely have different specifications.

So, do look into what the specifications are available. And match it with the specifications you need for your RC cars. You might have a few desires of your own so make sure they align with the ESC that you end up picking.

Extra Features

Last but not least, do try to find extra features. They are always helpful. The most common feature that you will find among the ESCs is the waterproof property.

Other stuff includes whether the ESC is programmable or not. If they are, you can easily maneuver the ESC to your own desired settings.


Question: How does an RC ESC work?

Answer: The RC ESC automatically starts the MOSFETs. This then creates a magnetic field that keeps the motors running. Hence, they help to avert any damage that the RC might face during a crisis.

Question: Can you use any ESC with any motor?

Answer: No, all ESCs are not compatible with all motors. Generally, the brushless ESCs don’t work the brushed motors. And vice versa. However, there are some brushless ones that do support brushed motors. But that’s very limited.

Question: Can you run 2 brushless motors off ESC?

Answer: ESC can only detect one motor. So, if you put two or more motors together the ESC will not be able to track where the voltage is coming from and it will get severely confused.

To Sum Up

Whew! That was one long article. Even we agree. But all those talks were necessary to cover the best ESC for RC cars. There were just so many things to say.

Anyway, we believe that we covered the majority of the discussion options. Now, the choice is in your hand. Do make the best choice. Best of luck!

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