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5 Of The Best Soldering Iron For RC Cars- Pick the Right One!

Being an RC enthusiast, having a soldering machine is a must. Cause who would go into workshops twice a week right? But the soldering machine market is really saturated. So you might get confused. That’s where I come in, to help you choose the best soldering iron for RC cars.

Our Top Picks

Best Professional Soldering Iron for RC- The Top 4!






Hakko FX888D Soldering Station

120° – 899°F


Weller SP80NUS Soldering Iron

up to 900°F


Aoyue 469 Soldering Station



Duratrax TrakPower Soldering Station



Hakko FX888D Soldering Station

The quickest soldering machine in our list to heat up in a range of 392-896 degrees F.

Hakko FX888D Soldering Station is the first product that we choose on our list. This soldering Iron takes first place on our product list due to the best overall performance. Let’s see why-

The main factor that lifts this soldering iron up through the list is its digital display. Which indicates temperature both in °F or °C. It’s not present in any other products of our list. This is currently the best soldering iron for RC Cars. Especially being the top pick by the RC hobbyists.

You can consider this a way to how you can solder dean connectors with it.

Spec-wise, it has a 70W remarkable power consumption. As well as a low-temperature alarm. In addition to that, it has adjustable temperature control. The range is between 120° – 899°F.

The temperature settings are password protected in addition added with built into preset mode.

That allows you to store 5 different temperature settings. Certainly, it helps you to switch between temperatures quickly and makes your soldering experience way smoother.

Hakko FX888D Soldering Station offers over 10 extra accessories that you can buy along with it. It comes with a soldering station which is relatively strong and sturdy. As well as with a cleaning sponge and a cleaning wire.

The soldering iron has a nice soft grip that feels good to hold. It comes with a T18-D16 shaped standard tip. Furthermore, you always have the option to change the tips according to your preference.

However, there’s one problem that I found with this iron. That is, there are only 2 buttons to make adjustments. So when I tried to program the adjustments, I was a bit struggling at first. But I got the hang of it after a day or two.

If you don’t wanna take this hassle, you can choose Aoyue 469 Soldering Station. This is easy to handle.

Moreover, this soldering station has the best accessories in the market available. Which are made by the Hakko company that you can buy along and swap easily on your device. As a result, this soldering iron is a top pick as the best soldering iron for RC Cars.


  • Temperature control with 5 adjustable presets.
  • Low-temperature alarm
  • Ceramic heating tech with a sensor
  • Has a slender and ergonomic design
  • Provides a huge selection of tips.


  • Does not have Auto Power Off mode

Weller SP80NUS Soldering Iron

A power monster with a whooping 70 watts of power with more than 50 soldering tips available.

The second product on our list is the Weller SP80NUS Soldering iron. Right out of the box, you’ll see that the product comes with a stunning red and black finish. 

For one outstanding feature, this soldering iron definitely is a solid choice for soldering RC cars. As soldering bullet connector. Let’s go find out what it is!

Well, this product is a High-Performance Soldering iron with a power consumption of 80W. Compared to the first product, it has extra 10W power that will surely add benefit to your soldering. The kit can heat up to 900°F.

Here, the key feature of this soldering iron is the three 5mm LEDs at 25 Lumens per square foot. For instance, it will provide superior accuracy during soldering. Consequently making it one of the best products on our list. 

However, the front has a triangular housing that captures the LEDs. In addition, the triangular area provides more stability. At the same time, it is a much more effective way to control the position of the tip while soldering.

Basically, Weller soldering iron is a basic soldering kit for RC cars. It doesn’t come with any power station. At the same time, the company has included a stand. 

Usually, the stand is to avoid burn marks on your work table. This could be caused by the heated soldering iron. Compared to the first product that we reviewed, the stand-in this soldering iron is not that sturdy.

So regarding these features, I would claim this soldering iron to be a solid choice for Soldering RC Cars.


  • Comes with three High-Power LEDs
  • Has a slimline pattern
  • Easy to use
  • Corded electric power source.
  • Co-molded and ribbed design soft grip for maximum comfort


  • Does not include extra tips

Aoyue 469 Soldering Station

The most comfortable soldering iron to hold on to in terms of comfort and grip while working.

Coming to the third product on our list is the Aoyue 469 Soldering Station. The first two soldering irons manage to do the soldering job quite decently. 

Aoyue 469 Soldering Station comes with a 70W of High-Performance system power. The super lightweight and portable design saves extra space on your precious work desk. 

Also, the power station has a variable temperature control range from 392°-897° F. The ceramic heater is equipped with a sensor which is called PTC. 

That feature enables fast-acting for heat generation. Consequently makes it a solid soldering choice for RC Cars.

Besides, the soldering iron comes with a sponge holder along with a cleaning sponge. In addition, it has a spring iron holder for the soldering iron which is solid and sturdy. Because of that, you don’t have to worry about accidental burns on your desk.

This soldering iron has Aoyue T-Series tips. This offers over 50 removable tips. Making your soldering experience smoother almost all the time. 

As a result, you can see this as a go-to choice for your RC Car.


  • Over 50 available T-series Tips 
  • The sturdy stand remains durable
  • Long-lasting tech for heating
  • Easy to carry


  • Does not have Auto Power off feature.

Duratrax TrakPower Soldering Station

This particular soldering iron is digitally controlled with the smartest of features, being perfect to handle for non-professionals.

Last but not the least, we have the Duratrax TrakPower Soldering Station. 

Although this is the fifth item on our list, by any means this is not any bad product. Moreover, it took its place by beating out the rest of the products out there in the market. 

The Duratrax Trakpower Soldering Station has a heavy-duty design. Here, it comes with a power consumption of 60W like the previous product.

But, this particular soldering iron heats up pretty quickly. While having the temperature range from 392°-896°f. 

Besides, the temperature control is quite easy in this product using simple dial control. It maintains an idle temperature of 1.8°F when it stays idle. This is a key feature that helps prevent extra energy consumption.

Another better thing about this soldering iron is the slender and insulated grip. They are much more comfortable on the hands while soldering. And, it even comes with two soldering tips.

Out of the tips, one is the chisel point and another is the pencil tip. The iron stand is durable and sturdy which adds as a sponge holder. Along with that a vinyl wrap and a sponge also comes with the product.


  • Has an easier dial control
  • Comes with a well-built design
  • Heats up quickly


  • Does not have that much replaceable tips option

Key Decision-Making Factors

Our recommendation is to always follow soldering tips before starting out working with these products.

Well, we have seen five products that are the superior soldering irons for RC Cars available out there on the market. But, how will you know which one is the most suitable product for your soldering job?

Okay, the way is pretty simple. Let’s go through the basics of soldering irons.

You’ll see, this segment will help you make the perfect decision.

Soldering Station or Soldering Gun?

You can choose a standalone soldering gun or, for a little extra buck, choose the soldering station. Here, you’ll get a heavy metal base and a sturdy stand for the safety of your iron rest.

The most reliable and sophisticated models are those with temperature-controlled stations. Also, look for the one that comes with a built-in transformer for voltage control.

Replaceable Soldering Tips

When you are buying a soldering iron, always look for replaceable tips.

Tips that are adjustable and changeable provide the best soldering jobs. Plus, it gives you a bit of breathing space as you have a bit more options now. 

Temperature Control

Soldering Irons usually have two varieties of temperature control.

Considering the price, those that cost less are regulated by temperature. 

The soldering station which costs a bit more regulates temperature way better. They usually have a dial or buttons to control the temperature as required.

It helps maintain a far better temperature.

When the temperature is not maintained sufficiently, it becomes harder to solder large objects.  Hence, temperature control should be an important factor when you’re buying a soldering iron. 


Question: How many watts do you need to solder?

Answer: The rating of the wattage should not be below 20. But 50 watts is considered good enough to heat to solder. 

Question: Why is my soldering iron not hot enough?

Answer: If your soldering iron doesn’t get hot enough to melt your solder, it’s more likely there is a break somewhere in the electric circuit. Resulting in the heating element not working fully and efficiently.

Final Words

Well, that’s everything summed up for the Best Soldering Iron for RC Cars. Don’t forget to go through the facts discussed in the buying guide.

The more you study the more you’ll be able to know about soldering. Also, it will help you choose the best one.

We think we have discussed every topic that you’ll need to know before buying the product. Hope it was informative enough to make you choose the best product for your need.

Good Luck!

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