Losi Super Baja Rey VS Traxxas UDR

Losi Super Baja Rey VS Traxxas UDR: Which One’s Better?


Choosing your new RC can be thrilling but frustrating at the same time. You want the perfect RC for your collection. What’s even harder is to choose between two of the most popular RCs.

Who will be the winner for you if it’s a match between Losi Super Baja Rey VS Traxxas UDR?

There are quite a few mentionable differences between the two. Your ideal RC could be heavy-duty and durable. In that case, the winner is the Losi Super Baja Rey (SBR) without a doubt! However, you might want a more customizable and cheaper RC. Then, the Traxxas UDR should be your pick.

Obviously, this short answer isn’t enough to help with your decision. So without further ado, here’s the details for you-

Losi Super Baja Rey VS Traxxas UDR: Basic Differences

The first difference would be the size of the two RC cars. The Super Baja Rey is a bit bigger and heavier than the Traxxas UDR.

The SBR supports more powerful batteries than the UDR. That is another mentionable difference. 

As for the suspension or shocks, the Traxxas UDR has double suspensions on all four wheels. The SBR comes with one of the best shocks for RC cars, licensed King shocks.

The runtime of the Traxxas UDR is around 2-5 minutes lower than the SBR. Considering they’re run in the same conditions. 

Here is an overview of the head-to-head comparison of the two RC cars:

Losi Super Baja Rey Traxxas UDR
Runtime around 7-8 minutes Runtime around 10-12 minutes
Speed around 50-52 miles/hr Speed around 46-48 miles/hr
Batteries of 6S or 8S Batteries of 4S or 6S
Thick suspension on 4 wheels Double suspension on 4 wheels
Comes with LED lights Customizable with separately bought addons

This short overview is probably not enough for you to decide on which to choose. A detailed overview will be more helpful. So let’s take a look at it, shall we?

Losi Super Baja Rey VS Traxxas UDR: Head-to-head Comparison

For your ease, we’ve sketched out a detailed head-to-head comparison. With it, you’d be able to decide on which one is better for you.


Price is the first differentiating feature for literally any comparison. Whether it be Redcat vs Traxxas or SBR vs Traxxas UDR.

The price of the Losi Super Baja Rey is around $100 higher than that of Traxxas UDR. 

The SBR is a bit bigger than the UDR. It also supports more powerful batteries. The SBR also has differential gears that help with durability and performance. These explain the difference in price for these two RC cars.

Appearance & Weight

The Traxxas UDR is around 27 inches in length and 13.5 inches in width. Whereas the Losi SBR is bigger. It has about 30 inches in length and 15.5 inches in width. 

The SBR has front and back LED lights out of the box. It has a rubber skirt in front. With one spare functional tire attached at the back, the Baja Rey looks classic.

The UDR has two spare functional tires attached to the back. Along with functional fans, it comes with a spare driving shaft. The back tires of the UDR are larger than its front tires. Their size is close to the SBR’s tires.

The weight of the SBR without battery packs is around 19lbs. As for the UDR, it’s around 13lbs. That is more or less 6lbs lower than that of the SBR.


Durability is a major factor when purchasing a top-quality basher car.

So, the Losi Super Baja Rey has 2-3 times thicker gears and shafts. In addition, it has a differential gear in the back. This ensures that the RC doesn’t crash as often as the UDR. Over time, you’d deal with a few to no parts broken with the SBR.

Traxxas UDR on the other hand can give you quite a few broken parts over time. For example, the plastic trailing arms at the back seem to break often. Another part that might break is the wheel hex for the tires. You might have to buy new hexes and glue the tires with RC tire glue.

One thing to note, the outer body of the SBR is in four parts, screwed with 22 screws. You can buy them separately should you need to replace them. The UDR has a one-piece outer body, screwed with 18 screws. You have to replace the whole body.


The speed of the Losi Super Baja Rey is higher than the Traxxas UDR. It’s around 50 miles/hr for the SBR and 46-48 miles/hr for the UDR. 

The huge brushless motor of the SBR is to thank for this. Although the UDR comes with a 220KV Velineon motor, it loses to the SBR. If you test the brushless motor using a multimeter, you will understand its powerful impact.

Along with the large brushless motor, the heavier body also gives the SBR an upper hand. As well as the differential gears.


The runtime of the Traxxas UDR is around 10-12 minutes with a 6S lipo battery. The Losi Super Baja Rey can run for 7-8 minutes with a 6S battery.

The reason behind this is probably the weight of the SBR. However, the Baja Rey supports 8S batteries. With those into the SBR, the runtime will be similar to the UDR.

On that note, here are some LiPo batteries we recommend for RC cars:

These batteries are heavy-duty and are perfect for both the UDR and SBR.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a more customizable and cheaper RC car, choose the UDR. The Traxxas UDR is the best option for you. However, if you want a more durable and high-performance RC, choose the Losi Super Baja Rey. Without a doubt, in terms of heavy-duty, the SBR wins the match. So, who is the winner for you between Losi Super Baja Rey Vs Traxxas UDR?


Question: What is a differential gear?

Answer: Differential gears allow two adjacent wheels to spin at different rpm. This comes to work when cornering since the outside and inside wheels rotate at different speeds.

Question: What do you mean by a 6S or 8S battery?

Answer: The number before the S denotes the number of cells in a LiPo battery. So if it says 6S, then there are 6 cells connected together in that battery.

Question: Can I repair the broken parts by myself?

Answer: Yes, you can. If you buy the spare parts separately, you can easily replace the broken parts yourself. No professional skills are needed.


Hopefully, this article provided you with enough information. We hope you’re clear about Losi Super Baja Rey VS Traxxas UDR. You should be able to choose between these two easily now. We hope you are satisfied with your decision.

Until next time, see you!

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